Chiropractic Patient Education and Report of Findings Tools

esteb-creative-director.jpgBetter chiropractic patient education changes everything.

"Educated patients follow your care plan. They get better results and they tell others. Our tools are designed to connect with today’s new patient," says Creative Director Bill Esteb.

Report of findings. Give high impact reports that impress patients and reassure spouses. Package your report documents for better case acceptance.

Chiropractic brochures. Outfit your brochure rack with the topics that will build your practice. Equip your patients to refer others.

Chiropractic posters. Support your explanations with charts and wall graphics. Use our posters to engage patients and deepen your influence.

Chiropractic videos. Save time and avoid repetition. Provide a consistent new patient orientation. Connect with today’s YouTube generation.

Headspace resources. See your practice from a patient’s point of view. Get chiropractic consulting and weekly motivation. Time-tested wisdom.

Chiropractic patient education is all we do. We’re patients ourselves. So you can count on concise copy. Fresh graphics. And that special something that grows practices. May we help grow yours?

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