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Patient Media, Inc.

One Hour Consultation

Chiropractic Consulting Simplified

disruptive-banner.jpgIf you've made the rounds with the various chiropractic management groups, you might find this a better fit. But first it's crucial that you're clear on what you're looking for. Perhaps these distinctions will help:

Coaching - Typically a long-term relationship in which the client is buying accountability and making performance enhancements, forming new habits and asking to be held accountable.

Consulting - Typically a short-term relationship in which the client is buying advice, experience, creativity, problem-solving skills and other insights that they can bring to bear on their circumstances.

Just about everyone can benefit from a coach. I have one. Make sure you're not buying a coach when you really need a consultant!

An Alternative to Traditional Chiropractic Consulting

If you're looking for an adult relationship, consider this:


  1. Email or call me at Patient Media (800) 486-2337 to arrange a mutually convenient time for our one-hour phone call.
  2. You'll create the agenda and select the topics that we'll discuss.
  3. At the appointed time, using a land line (or Skype), you'll call me at my home office. I'll collect your credit card details for the USD $150.
  4. I’ll ask you questions you’ve probably never been asked before. I’ll profoundly listen. I’ll collaborate with you to uncover the blockages and suggest solutions. You’re likely to be delightfully surprised.
  5. At the conclusion of our call I'll ask, “Did you get your money's worth?” If the answer is yes I'll charge your card. If the answer is no, then, oh well, we've both lost an hour.
  6. Naturally, you can count on me for fastidious confidentiality and discretion.
  7. In one hour, you'll receive startling insights, new possibilities and a clear direction forward. Guaranteed.

I've been doing this type of consulting since 2010. Usually, a single call is enough to get things moving. A few chiropractors have had a follow-up conversation a month or so later. Up to you.

Chiropractic Consulting Without a Long-Term Commitment

No contracts, other than the handshake above. If I were a chiropractor, it's what I'd want from a chiropractic consultant.

Looking for something more ambitious? Consider enrolling in The Conversation.

Email me and suggest some convenient times to talk. Let's get you unstuck and having fun again! Because if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!