Monday Morning Motivation | Your Headrest Paper

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 5th 2018

The germ theory cause of disease is a big deal for patients. Imagining that all it takes is a carefully worded script to prompt patients to jettison this unhelpful belief borders on hallucination. Try this.

The patient asks, "Is that clean headrest paper?"

"What do you mean by clean?" you ask.

"Has someone else's face already touched the paper?"

"Why yes," you observe ripping off the dirty headrest paper as you rub the dirty (or even clean) headrest paper on your face. "Actually, germs only produce disease when your body's immune system is compromised. And what controls your immune system and all the other cells, tissues, organs and systems of your body? Your nervous system of course, which is the primary focus of our chiropractic care."

That should give most patients food for thought. Which is the point, right? Next week I'll explore the relationship between germs and your carpet.