Monday Morning Motivation | What's Important?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 20th 2018

William D Esteb

Part of establishing and honoring clear boundaries is clarifying with each patient what your job is and what their job is. Begin by making a list of your responsibilities. Be sure to include maintaining a healthy environment, adjusting patients, conducting a thorough examination and reporting your findings. Dig deep and there’s probably several dozen specific tasks that you do or delegate to your support team to perform.

Which one is your single most important? Without giving it much thought many chiropractors say that adjusting patients is their most important task.

But is it?

What about explaining chiropractic principles? Or setting appropriate expectations? Or helping patients trust the wisdom of their body? Or changing their beliefs about their symptoms? Or getting new patients? Or running a profitable business?

If you haven’t identified and prioritized your responsibilities, decision making can be difficult. Because if everything you do is important, than nothing is.