Monday Morning Motivation | Role Playing

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 29th 2017

William D Esteb

New patients often resolve to begin care on Monday because of what they decide on Friday. "If this doesn’t resolve by Monday, I'm going to need professional help."

Monday rolls around with little or no improvement and they call your practice. Will your front desk CA reassure them? Will he or she communicate hope? Neutralize concerns and overcome objections? Will there be encouragement, affirmation and a humble servant spirit? All this and more while you're out of earshot helping others?

This is such a crucial moment I'm sure you constantly role play, practicing with your team how to best respond to new patient questions. These drills insure that you always have a relaxed mental attitude, knowing that new patients aren't needlessly being derailed on their initial call.

"But I'd feel uncomfortable testing my staff." More uncomfortable than learning countless new patients went elsewhere because of how the phone was handled?