Monday Morning Motivation | Process or Outcome?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 6th 2018

If it's not enough that most patients don't understand chiropractic principles, here's another wrinkle: patients want an outcome (relief) but you're actually providing a process (reducing subluxation).

Sounds like a recipe for misunderstanding.

1. Explain that the intent of chiropractic care is to reduce nervous system interferences to brain-body communications. As interference is reduced, their body should have little reason to shout for attention (symptom).

2. Make sure patients understand that you won't be treating their symptoms (medicine). Instead, chiropractic addresses the underlying cause of their symptom.

3. Alert patients seeking pain relief that medication that fools their body into not feeling the pain is faster, cheaper and more convenient--but something that you don't offer. (Flush out patients who want you to treat their symptoms.)

If you neglect to address a patient's assumptions or expectations you risk board complaints, unfavorable online reviews or at the very least, fewer referrals.