Monday Morning Motivation | Playing Full Out

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 10th 2018

William D Esteb

Seth Godin, one of my mentors, will often ask his seminar audiences to "...raise your hand as high as you can." After a short pause, he'll say, "Excellent, and now even higher." Most in the audience can push a little higher, even after having raised their hand "as high as you can."

Most of us hold back. Keeping a little in reserve. Hedging our bet. Not playing full out. Going through the motions.

This week choose to fully commit. Whatever you do, give it your all. Leave nothing in reserve. Hold nothing back.

When you do, I can make a couple of predictions. First, you'll be more effective than ever before. Second, you'll be a source of inspiration to everyone you encounter. And third, you will be inclined to continue this way of showing up into the future.

The goal isn't to get through life, but to fully live it.