Monday Morning Motivation | Little Germ. Big Fear.

Posted by Bill Esteb on May 5th 2018

While many chiropractors believe that subluxations or pain or symptomatic relief are the access points to deeply connect with and influence patients, it's actually something far simpler and easily overlooked: germs.

Germs trump subluxations. Ignore a patient's germ theory of disease causation and a stable practice of lifetime patients will likely elude you.

The germ theory meme is especially powerful. Partly because the guilty microbes are invisible to the naked eye and the model requires little critical thinking, which goes something like this: you're sick > you sneeze > I'll get what you have.

This is the "My kids brought it home from school" theory and the "We all got the bug that's going around" excuse. It's the ever so popular belief that the problem is "out there" instead of within us.

Next week permit me to explain a simple procedure that can powerfully change how patients think about germs.