Monday Morning Motivation | Body Awareness

Posted by Bill Esteb on Dec 9th 2017

William D Esteb

Patient hours are over and your CA gets up from the adjusting table. "Thank you doc, that's incredible." Then, after some reflection, "How do people get through life without chiropractic?"

By being disembodied.

It's difficult, maybe impossible, to inspire patients to adopt chiropractic as a long term lifestyle adjunct if they aren't in touch with their own bodies. And while body awareness may not be something you can teach, you can certainly help a patient become more present to the nuances of their body by asking some thought provoking questions.

"How long does it take food to go through your tube?"
"What are the signs that tell you that you have a cold?"
"Why are some allergic to pollen, but others are not?"

There aren't right or wrong answers. Instead, these are designed to produce some introspection and critical thinking. Your job? Show up curious and keep the conversation going.