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Monday Morning Motivation | Playing Full Out

Posted by Bill Esteb on

William D Esteb

Seth Godin, one of my mentors, will often ask his seminar audiences to "...raise your hand as high as you can." After a short pause, he'll say, "Excellent, and now even higher." Most in the audience can push a little higher, even after having raised their hand "as high as you can."

Most of us hold back. Keeping a little in reserve. Hedging our bet. Not playing full out. Going through the motions.

This week choose to fully commit. Whatever you do, give it your all. Leave nothing in reserve. Hold nothing back.

When you do, I can make a couple of predictions. First, you'll be more effective than ever before. Second, you'll be a source of inspiration to everyone you encounter. And third, you will be inclined to continue this way of showing up into the future.

The goal isn't to get through life, but to fully live it.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Ass U Me

It's been said that when you “assume” you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me." Making assumptions, especially at your patient precare interview (or any other time), are not only frequently incorrect, they are a lazy man's form of shorthand that minimizes the other person. As in, "I think I already know your story so [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | The Easy Thing

The right thing and the easy thing are often two different things. The easy thing is to let patients believe your cervical adjustments are treating their headaches. The hard thing is to explain that they don't. The easy thing is to let patients keep their allopathic mindset and to “go along to get along.” The hard thing [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | What's Important?

Part of establishing and honoring clear boundaries is clarifying with each patient what your job is and what their job is. Begin by making a list of your responsibilities. Be sure to include maintaining a healthy environment, adjusting patients, conducting a thorough examination and reporting your findings. Dig deep and there’s probably several dozen specific [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Curious About Curiosity

One of the often overlooked behaviors of busy practitioners is their finely developed sense of curiosity. Curiosity is defined as "an eager desire to know; inquisitiveness."Are you?Far too many chiropractors limit their curiosity to the first couple of visits. "When did you start feeling this?" "How long have you had this problem?" "What makes it [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Process or Outcome?

If it's not enough that most patients don't understand chiropractic principles, here's another wrinkle: patients want an outcome (relief) but you're actually providing a process (reducing subluxation).Sounds like a recipe for misunderstanding.1. Explain that the intent of chiropractic care is to reduce nervous system interferences to brain-body communications. As interference is reduced, their body should [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Role Playing

New patients often resolve to begin care on Monday because of what they decide on Friday. "If this doesn’t resolve by Monday, I'm going to need professional help."Monday rolls around with little or no improvement and they call your practice. Will your front desk CA reassure them? Will he or she communicate hope? Neutralize concerns [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Heads Down. But Not in Prayer.

It's an increasingly far too common sight. A couple or several couples at a restaurant table with their heads down. No, they're not blessing the food. They're on their various digital devices, browsing their virtual relationships instead of attending to a real-world one. It was Jesus who observed that you cannot serve two masters, for "you [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Know Your Numbers

One of my guilty pleasures when I have the time to waste watching television is to watch Shark Tank. Here, entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabes make their pitch to millionaires with the intent in getting them to invest in their business.It doesn't always go well. I learn a lot by watching and listening. I find it [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Body Awareness

Patient hours are over and your CA gets up from the adjusting table. "Thank you doc, that's incredible." Then, after some reflection, "How do people get through life without chiropractic?"By being disembodied.It's difficult, maybe impossible, to inspire patients to adopt chiropractic as a long term lifestyle adjunct if they aren't in touch with their own [...]

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