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Monday Morning Motivation | Living Full Out

Posted by Bill Esteb on

Someday I'll...

...learn how to fly an airplane. Write that book. Start that garden. Take some time off. Take that trip. Begin that project.

It's a way to push our dreams into a future we think we're somehow sure we're entitled to.

Make today that some day.

Don't wait, postpone or procrastinate. There are no guarantees that there will even be a tomorrow. Billions of people who have preceded us can attest to the fact that this thing called life comes to an end without our control and usually sooner than we'd wish.

Grab it. Use it. It's yours. Don't squander it. Live full out. That's what good health is for.

In 100 years who will care? No one? So get busy! Make a ruckus. Take names. Make a dent in the universe. Make sure they remember you. So don't play small. Stand for the truth. Help others.

You matter.

Monday Morning Motivation | Too Much

Does a burst of extraordinary focus temporarily raise your numbers? But they return to the previous "set point" when you ease up?That means your barrier to practice growth isn't your location, your competitors, "your town," insurance carriers or the other usual suspects. It's you.That's good news. Because you can change you. Start by determining if [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Keep Chiropractic Weird

By the time most patients consult a chiropractor they're disenchanted with the medical model and are seeking something different from medicine. Are you different? Really different? Many chiropractors have the tendency to round off all the sharp edges, minimize chiropractic or generally present chiropractic as "medicine lite" or a form of physical medicine or spinal specialisty. Apparently [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Creating Trust

Should patients trust you? What causes patients to trust your judgment and recommendations? An even better question: how do you create trust? Trust is having confidence in and reliance upon someone who has been given a responsibility. So start there. What is your responsibility? Is it to relieve their symptoms? No. Even though many patients are misled [...]

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The Problem with Chiropractic Results

There’s plenty of evidence that adding energy at the right place(s) along the spine at the right time revives a person’s ability to self-heal. This has created a challenge for chiropractors. At first glance, you’d think an intervention with such an enviable level of success and patient satisfaction would be a blessing. Instead, chiropractic results have [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Free Will Agency

It's easy to forget that each of has been granted the free will agency to treat our body the way we see fit. Those who value their health and are inclined to project their value onto others, are often confronted by how difficult it is to motivate others to take better care of themselves. This can produce [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Where Joy Lives

It was Mark Twain who observed, "Comparison is the death of joy." You can always find someone who is prettier, richer, busier, smarter, taller, thinner, younger, wiser or more credentialed than you. So, why look? It is often a sign that we lack gratitude for what we have. This dissatisfaction has the germ that can so often blossom [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Reduce Friction

One of your responsibilities as the leader of your business is to reduce friction.By reducing friction you make it easier for your team to be more productive. By reducing friction you make it easier for patients to get what they want. By reducing friction you optimize the performance of your practice.Look for ways to reduce [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Letting Patients Go

"So, I just let patients go?" I was recently asked during a one-hour telephone consultation. "You can't give permission for patients to discontinue care or anything else. They already have it. The deception is thinking you have a say in the matter," I replied. "So, patients are in control?" "Of their follow through. They have always been in [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Have To or Want To?

You and I share something in common. We are going to die. It's probably one of the last taboo topics. And yet it's inevitable. You can count on it.Yet we live each day as if we are automatically entitled to another. As if tomorrow were a sure thing.We lie to ourselves that "Someday I'm going [...]

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