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Chiropractic DVDs and Chiropractic Videos

Chiropractic DVDs and chiropractic videos from Patient Media save time, avoid repetitious explanations and make chiropractic patient education easier. Use our visit-specific chiropractic DVD in your reception room. Watch our chiropractic videos online before you buy the DVD. Go with the leader in chiropractic videos for chiropractors!

new_video Let's Get Started! Our newest patient education video, personalized for you and your practice!   Intelligent-Choice-video-image Intelligent Choice DVD
Use this powerful DVD to close your new patient lectures or run the video in your reception area.
4-in-1-Patient-DVD-image 4-in-1 DVD
All four of our chiropractic patient videos on a single DVD that never needs rewinding.
  Don't-Shoot-video-image Don't Shoot the Messenger DVD
This 5-minute video is bundled with our Converting to Cash product.
Making-Choices-video-image Making Choice Video and DVD
Our pre-report video explains key chiropractic principles and prepares patients for your report of findings.
  Getting-Started-video-image Getting Started Video and DVD
Our 4 1/2-minute first visit orientation video/DVD puts patients at ease.


Getting Results Video and DVD
Material from our first- and second-visit videos/DVDs joined into a "combination" video.
  Staying-Well-video-image Staying Well Video and DVD
Show Staying Well at the progress exam to promote, pediatic care, referrals and wellness.
Ultimate-Kit-image Ultimate Kit
Individual DVDs or get all four Videos on a single DVD, report tools, handouts and wall charts bundled together in one money-saving kit.
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