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Chiropractic Reading List for Chiropractors


A year from now you'll be the same person you are today except for the new people you meet and the books you read. Even perhaps more insightful is the observation:

Never reading a book will keep one just as ignorant as one who doesn't know how to read at all!

If you feel stuck or need some fresh new ideas for your practice, it's time to put some new information into your cranium.

Get your highlighter ready. Here are some of the books I've read that I think you'll enjoy too. For your convenience, I've included a BUY IT link to Enjoy!

The library in my home office.

Lacking a formal education, I read a lot. About a book a week.

I've made blog posts of the books I've read more recently.

Selling Sickness by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels. A terrifying look at how the pharmaceutical industry medicalizes countless everyday health concerns to promote the latest drug. If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with high cholesterol, ADD, high blood pressure, osteoporosis or irritable bowel syndrome you absolutely must read how you have been deceived! BUY IT

Careful! Thoughts have power.

What The Bleep Do We Know? This isn't a book, it's a movie. A cool movie. If you've been puzzled by those who explain that the difference between an adjustment and a manipulation is intent, this movie is for you. The wedding reception scene alone is justification for owning a copy of this powerful film. See if you can pick out the chiropractor featured in the movie. BUY IT

The nucleous as the gonad!

The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Here's a cellular biologist who "gets" chiropractic! If you've never heard him speak, this book will delight you with his great metaphors and analogies. (He includes his famous butter and olive sandwich.) Learn how to combat the fatalistic "genetic determinism" that gives many a victim mentality about their health. BUY IT

Blink, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, by Malcolm Gladwell. This is his terrific follow up to The Tipping Point. Get a new appreciation for hunches and intuition. You'll enjoy the section on "slicing" which describes how a psychologist identifies "micro-expressions" that enable him to predict the success of married couples. BUY IT

The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. Turns out we each have a set of circumstances, that when they occur, we know we are loved by our mate. Imagine the value of learning your spouse's love language. And if he or she knew yours! Increase the intimacy in your marriage by knowing and practicing this helpful communication lesson. BUY IT

All Marketers Are Liars, by Seth Godin. Okay, so I'm a Seth Godin groupie, so what? It's an eye-catching title that leads to the major premise of the book which is captured it in the book's subtitle: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World. He explains why patient testimonials are so effective and other "stories" that create trust and build rapport. BUY IT

Face Your Fear, Living With Courage in an Age of Caution, by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I heard an interview with the author on a recent Dennis Praeger radio show and was taken by his insights about fear. Being the “poster child” for fear myself, I went right out and picked up a copy. Spectacular! BUY IT

The Power of Kabbalah, by Yehuda Berg. Suddenly, I’ve been hearing about the Kabbalah in the popular culture. Madonna mentions it. There's even a reference to the red string in the movie Ocean’s Twelve. I wanted to know more. Here’s a highly readable and digestible introduction. BUY IT

The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle, by Todd Michael, D.O. Dr. Michael goes back to the original Greek and the miracle of the five fish and two loaves in Matthew 14:13-20 and parses each statement. If you want to see more miracles in your practice (and your life!) consider these twelve conditions. BUY IT

Empty Harvest, by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson. I guess I had known that today’s agri-business was producing food with fewer nutrients. But I didn’t understand why and what would be necessary to turn it around. It gave me a whole new understanding of the role of proper nutrition in true health. BUY IT

The Maker’s Diet, by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D. Due to his own health challenges that weren’t responding to the traditional medical approach, he discovered the health and nutritional advice found in the Bible. The practical insights will inspire you to action. Regardless of your faith or religious beliefs, you’ll find the simple truths in this book excellent. BUY IT

The Paradox of Choice, Why More is Less, by Barry Schwartz. I’ve often observed that having too many choices can be as frustrating as having no choice. Here’s an entire book that explores how "choice overload" can lead to decision-making paralysis, anxiety and a state of perpetual stress—even depression. BUY IT

Ready for Anything, by David Allen. Since I have a rather high level of personal discipline, getting things done has never been a problem. But what I liked about this book were the suggestions for improving productivity and reducing procrastination. In fact, he affirms my assertion that being highly organized actually facilitates creativity. BUY IT

The Underdog Advantage, by David Morey and Scott Miller. The authors come from the business of running election campaigns. They use the metaphor of the incumbent and the challenger to explore what they call “insurgent strategies.” I read it through the lens of health care: the incumbent (medicine) and the insurgent (chiropractic). BUY IT

Meaningful Marketing, by Doug Hall. I had read Doug's earlier book Jumpstart Your Brain and had heard Patrick Gentempo, D.C. talk about his visit to Doug's Eureka Ranch. Bottom line? Probably the most significant and valuable marketing book I've ever read. Discipline yourself to apply each of the 100 ideas to your practice! BUY IT

Free Prize Inside! by Seth Godin. From the guy who brought you "permission marketing," the "ideavirus" and the "Purple Cow." Another little book packed with ideas to get your practice noticed above the hub-bub and noise of the marketplace. He describes how hard it was to actually sell this book inside a cereal box in bookstores! BUY IT

Your Marketing Sucks, by Mark Stevens. He sums up why I got disenchanted by the advertising agency business. They forget the idea is to sell stuff, not win Clio awards! If you've wondered about eliminating your yellow page ad, this little book will certainly settle your mind. Eye-catching title. It may be one of the most valuable lessons of the book. Be arresting! BUY IT

Socrates' Way, by Ronald Gross. You know what a fan I am of the Socratic Method. The author (who actually dresses up as Socrates for his speaking gigs!) will help you become more disciplined in the asking of questions. Discover how to ask better questions and more effectively confront the medical beliefs of your patients. BUY IT

Status Anxiety, by Alain de Botton. It's an entire book devoted to exploring the little talked about topic of our constant concern about what others think of us. Status anxiety is holding back the profession of chiropractic and cripples many chiropractors from not only telling the truth in public, but from reaching into their brochure rack to give a patient information about chiropractic! BUY IT

Unstuck, by Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro. Some call it writers block. Or just being stuck. This little book is about getting UNstuck. Learn the six perspectives and bring them into balance. If you've felt plateaued, hitting an invisible wall, you're stuck. You'll get a fresh perspective on why, and what to do about it. Cool ideas. BUY IT

The Voice of Knowledge, by Don Miguel Ruiz. This is his great follow-up to his wonderful book, The Four Agreements. Discover that most of the pain and suffering in your life comes from believing lies and deceptions about yourself. Break free of these lies and new possibilies for joy and fulfillment open up. Problem is, from within the lies, you can't see them! There is a way out. BUY IT

The Highest Goal, by Michael Ray. Lots of great ideas in this one, especially if you still haven't figured out your purpose. Of special note was what he calls VOJ or "Voice of Judgment" which is the opposite of curiosity. The "live-withs" he explores at the end of the book are thought provoking and potentially life changing. BUY IT

While each book listed in alphabetical order below is worthy of your time, attention and
highlighter, I've indicated my Best of the Best in red. Guaranteed to be a big hit. Hope
you enjoy them as much as I did!

The Age of Paradox, by Charles Handy. We live in a crazy time and Charles Handy's analysis and suggestions for managing change are extraordinary. Read this one and you'll get a practical explanation of the reasons behind the "roller coaster" statistics found in so many practices, and what to do about them. BUY IT

Age of Propaganda, The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion, by Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson. Recommended by a doctor in one of my seminar audiences, it explains the psychology of persuasion and influence. It’s probably the most straightforward explanation of everything from TV sitcom laugh tracks to the use of guilt in modern advertising. If you think you’re above being manipulated by the media, read this one and surrender already! BUY IT

The Art of Advice, How to Give It and How to Take It, by Jeswald W. Salacuse. This one is just 160 pages, but it contains some great ideas on how to more effectively offer guidance and direction to patients to increase the likelihood that they will act on your advice. You probably have the "what" figured out. This book will offer suggestions for the "when", the "how", and interestingly, the "why." BUY IT

The Art of Self-Renewal, by Dr. Barbara Mackoff. Are you tempted to take the most frustrating and disrespectful patients home with you? Do you feel you're working harder but getting further behind? Here are some suggestions for balancing the pressures of work and family and improving both in the process. BUY IT

The Bible. A great book filled with wisdom, drama and practical advice. I won't spoil the ending other than to say it will produce some life-changing results! I try to read parts of it each day. At the bare minimum I read the Proverbs chapter corresponding to whatever day of the month it is. BUY IT

Blur, The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy, by Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer. Welcome to the new economy. Where the distinctions between buyer and seller blur. Where the former distinctions between employee and employer converge. This isn't a cookbook, but rather a new way to think about the ingredients of doing business in which change accelerates exponentially. BUY IT

Brain Sell, Intellectual Strategies For Making The Sale, by John Cantwell Kiley, M.D., Ph.D. I liked the way the author made b points about keeping promises to ourselves and the importance of not necessarily telling customers (patients) what they want to hear. Short, practical and especially valuable, even if you're not an analytical like me! BUY IT

Busting Your Rut, 33 Practical Lessons to Alter Your Destiny, Transform Your Life and Free Your Spirit, by Dr. Daniel T. Drubin. I first met Dr. Drubin when he was with Markson Management. And then later during his involvement with CEO. His book is right on the mark. Short bite-sized chapters, each with a profound truth, makes reading it a joy. Are things changing faster outside your office than in it? Better get crack'n! BUY IT

The Care and Feeding of Ideas, by Bill Backer. Remember the famous Coca-Cola commercial with all the multi-ethnic kids on the hillside who wanted to buy us a Coke? Mr. Backer, who wrote and produced the spot, reveals a behind-the-scenes look at how new ideas are either nurtured or stomped on. Find out why it's so hard to change office procedures and get staff ownership of new ideas. BUY IT

Clicking, 16 Trends To Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your Business, by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold. This is a larger, more complete follow-up to her Popcorn Report. In it, she explains the concept of "clicking," the feeling of things being just right. She uses her incredible power of observation and creates a compelling view of 16 major trends that are already affecting you, your patients, and your practice. Have you put "Pleasure Revenge," "Small Indulgences," and "Being Alive" to work in your practice? BUY IT

Close To The Customer, by James H. Donnelly, Jr. This has twenty five down-to-earth suggestions for improving customer (patient) service and exceeding expectations. While it's aimed at the mainstream business community, there are a lot of ideas that apply to a chiropractic setting. In particular, idea number nine, which explores what happens when patients have a less than optimum experience in your office. BUY IT

Competing On Value, by Mack Hanan and Peter Karp. With all the interest in setting fees, lowering fees or questioning fees, plunge into this little book. Price is the last thing you negotiate! Read it and become more grounded in the notion that most patients are seeking value, an outcome, a result--not cheap care. Find out ways that compensation is directly related to one's ability to add value to the life of others. BUY IT

The Creative Communicator, by Barbara A. Glanz. The author has compiled almost 400 suggestions for improving all types of communications in a growing business. Some of the ideas apply to larger companies with voice mail capabilities and other exotic technologies. But many suggestions can be adapted for your practice. Lots of examples, samples, forms, and interesting anecdotes. BUY IT

The Customer Comes Second, by Hal Rosenbluth. The title caught my eye because we're accustomed to thinking the customer/patient comes first. Using the backdrop of the largest travel agency in the world, Mr. Rosenbluth demonstrates why your staff comes first because your staff treats your customer the same way you treat your staff! BUY IT

The Curse of Louis Pasteur, by Nancy Appleton, PhD. A wonderful book the explains the rise of the "germ theory" and the fallicies associated with it. On his deathbed Pasteur admitted that it was the "soil, not the seed," that is all important. BUY IT

Customers For Life, by Carl Sewell. While it's about the upscale automotive industry, the short chapters and practical ideas can be easily adapted into chiropractic. BUY IT

Customer Loyalty, by Jill Griffin. The author offers wonderful insight into the progression and growth of a first time buyer into a loyal, long-term customer. Her continuum starts with "suspects" and "prospects" and culminates in "clients" and "advocates." An excellent book with very clear chiropractic practice implications. BUY IT

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless, by Jeffrey Gitomer. Sheds more light on the notion of creating long-term customer (patient) relationships. Probably most of your inactive patients were satisfied with their care. How many have continued with periodic checkups? BUY IT

Eating the Big Fish, How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders, by Adam Morgan. Chiropractic is a challenger "brand." This book offers some helpful insights into how to position your practice to effectively compete against the entrenched medical model. While health care isn't specifically mentioned, I saw a lot of helpful action steps. BUY IT

The 80/20 Principle, The Secret of Achieving More With Less, by Richard Koch. At the risk of overselling it, this may be the most profound business book I've read in several years. You've heard of this principle, that 20% of your effort, time, products, or services produces 80% of your income, satisfaction, and profit. It's true! This is the only book on the list that I found valuable enough to read twice. BUY IT

The E-Myth Physician, by Michael Gerber. Are you merely a technician in your practice? If you want to take the next exciting step and turn your practice into a self-sustaining enterprise that doesn't depend on you to do it, do it, do it, read this book! Parts will make you cry. Other sections will inspire new possibilities. BUY IT

The E-Myth Revisited, Why Most Businesses Don't Work and What to do About It, by Michael Gerber. An excellent book that will help you work on your business instead of just in your business. BUY IT

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser. If you had reservations about eating at a fast food establishment on nutritional grounds, you'll have even more reasons after reading this! The section on how beef is prepared for consumption in the US has put me off ground beef! I got a whole new understanding for the importance of "natural" and "artificial" flavorings! BUY IT

First Things First, by Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca R. Merrill. This is probably the finest book on time management you'll ever find. Mr. Covey brings his value-based leadership perspective into the domain of time management and has produced another winner. He'll show you the flaws in older systems of time management and offer a new model consistent with human nature. BUY IT

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Some practical ideas to have more fun in your practice by learning how to engage yourself in the moment. BUY IT

Focus, by Al Ries. Mr. Ries has written a great sequel to his 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing that should serve to keep you on track as we enter the next millennium. He explains why Minute Maid’s excursion into cranberry juice was doomed for failure and why the approach of trying to be all things to all customers is a most dangerous strategy. Read this book before you add potentially diversionary services to your practice! BUY IT

God Wants You To Be Rich, by Paul Zane Pilzer. Okay, the title is a little pandering, but don't let it fool you. Chiropractors unsure of the future would do well to absorb Mr. Pilzer's clearly stated philosophy of abundance. If you're living beyond your means or you need some additional discipline to organize your personal finances, here it is. Regain your optimism for the future! BUY IT

Gonzo Marketing, by Christopher Locke. His other book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, which delt with the internet was fantastic. This one is even better. His observation is that the old corporate communications of the past is out the door, thanks to the internet. How to tap into "micromarkets." Sounds a lot like the marketplace available for chiropractic care.

How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less, by Nicholas Boothman. Probably the most practical, down-to-earth guide about NLP I've found. He comes from the advertising and fashion photography industry, so I especially related to the stories he includes. Now I'm noticing the color of other people's eyes! BUY IT

How To Win Customers and Keep Them For Life, by Michael LeBoeuf. A lot of examples of how short-term business procedures and inappropriate customer relations techniques prevent referrals and repeat business. BUY IT

Influence, The New Psychology of Modern Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. My friend Steve Perman, D.C. put this book in front of me, and what an eye-opener. The chapter on Commitment and Consistency should be required reading for anyone interested in improving patient compliance. You'll probably blush as I did as I discovered how direct marketers, infomercial producers, and effective sales people get us to do things we might not ordinarily do. BUY IT

Information Anxiety, by Richard Wurman. Explains why patients don't respond to most reports of findings. It offers constructive ideas for the better presentation of information. Just reading the annotations along the edges of the pages is inspirational! BUY IT

Information Rules, A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy, by Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian. Ever wonder why they offer fountain soft drinks in three sizes? Because most people prefer to enjoy extremes. The greatest profit is built into the "medium" size. This a dozens of other insights about our "information economy" are revealed in this highly readable book. BUY IT

Inside the Magic Kingdom, Seven Keys To Disney's Success, by Tom Connellan. This delightful little book gives you an insider's view of how the Disney organization has created such a well deserved reputation for extraordinary quality and service. Find out who your real competitors are (they aren't medicine or the chiropractor down the street!) and how to create loyal advocates of your practice. BUY IT

The Introvert Advantage, How to Thrive in an Extrovert World, by Marti O. Laney, Ph.D. My brother recommended this one to me and I was delighted. Turns out we're both introverts and it explained a lot about how we navigate our lives. Who would've known that us introverts are just more sensitive to dopamine? BUY IT

Jesus CEO, Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership, by Laurie Beth Jones. The author has explored the gospels and identified almost 100 aspects of effective leadership demonstrated by Jesus. Regardless of your faith, you'll enhance your patient leadership skills by incorporating the simply, but powerful truths in this one! BUY IT

Jump Start Your Brain, by Doug Hall. If you feel trapped and unable to see the forest for the trees, get a hold of this book. Mr. Hall explains many techniques that can be used to induce creative solutions to just about any challenge or situation. You'll enjoy the real life examples brought from the advertising industry. BUY IT

Keeping the Edge, Giving Customers the Service They Demand, by Dick Schaaf. In his book Service America! written in 1985, he identified 101 of the best service-oriented companies in the U.S. Ten years later, he compares the survivors with those who didn’t make it, drawing some interesting conclusions along the way. BUY IT

The Maverick Mindset, Finding the Courage to Journey From Fear To Freedom, by Doug Hall. If the entire chiropractic profession read and applied the insights in this book, we would find the seminar industry would disappear overnight. If you've ever gotten fired up about a new idea, but lacked the courage or discipline to implement it, you'll find comfort in these pages. Since you chose chiropractic I suspect that you're already a maverick! BUY IT

Moments of Truth, by Jan Carlzon. Read the words of the person who turned around a stagnant, poorly respected European airline and fashioned it into one of the finest and most profitable air carriers in three short years. BUY IT

The New Positioning, by Jack Trout. This is the follow-up book by one of the guys who helped 7-up by positioning itself as the "uncola" so many years ago. His latest book is full of case histories that you're sure to recognize. Read this book and you'll see why it is critical that chiropractic remain a distinct, healing art, and avoid the temptation to become intoxicated by the medical industrial complex! BUY IT

The No-Grain Diet, by Joseph Mercola. Takes the Atkins approach to the next level. I'd recommend it to anyone struggling with a carbohydrate addiction. With the emotional support offered by EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) success is more assured. At least subscribe to his incredible newsletter at! BUY IT

The One To One Future, Building Relationships One Customer at a Time, by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. If you're overwhelmed with all these books, read this one first! Along with changes in insurance is coming a change in the way patients want to be "sold to." Find out how to make your patients collaborators and how to better informationalize your services. BUY IT

The Only Thing That Matters, by Karl Albrecht. Karl has crystallized and focused his approach to improving customer service in his latest book. One of his best ideas is to have staff members list all of their major job functions, and next to each one, list what the patient expects, then brainstorm in a third column ways to exceed a patient's expectations. Great staff meeting exercise! BUY IT

The Paradox of Success, When Winning at Work Means Losing at Life, by John R. O'Neil. In the Star Wars trilogy we were introduced to the "dark side" of the force. Mr. O'Neil calls it the "shadow." With the exception of a therapists, there are few places that leaders, such as chiropractors, can look for guidance in bringing balance, renewal and sensitivity to the office. If you throw a fit when you're not treated like the important person you are, read this book immediately. BUY IT

Passion Profit & Power, by Marshall Sylver. This is one of those breezy self-help books, this time written by a professional magician. I found his bold, in-your-face style a little uncomfortable. His incredible energy and passion comes through in each chapter. If you need a serious kick in the pants, grab a highlighter and start rewriting your future. BUY IT

Passionate Leadership: Ten Powerful Principles That Will Change Your Life, by Tony Vercillo. For $9.95 you get the equivalent of a two-day seminar in a paperback book. It's a fast read with lots of interesting stories and insightful examples. Very focused and helpful. BUY IT

The Path, Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, by Laurie Beth Jones. I’ve spent a lot of time helping doctors create a statement of purpose for their practice, and little time on my own mission statement. This book was helpful, leading me to identify key words that describe my purpose (create, communicate, health). There are practical exercises and thought-provoking essays. BUY IT

Patient Satisfaction Pays, Quality Service For Practice Success, by Brown, Nelson, Bronkesh and Wood. I wish I'd written this one. While their principles apply to all types of health care providers, there's plenty of valuable information you can put to use in your office. They echo my opinion, that some of the most important components of satisfaction, compliance, and referrals have little to do with the actual procedure or the outcome of which a patient consults your office. BUY IT

Permission Marketing, by Seth Godin. There's a lot of talk these days about permission marketing. This is the guy who invented the term. I first read an excerpt in Wired Magazine. Couldn't wait to get the whole thing. I got the idea of using a dry erasable white board to put thought-provoking statements on it from this book. Excellent. BUY IT

Personal Styles & Effective Performance, by David Merrill and Roger Reid. If you're an Analytical or Amiable personality, you'll especially enjoy this insightful book that explains many of the communication difficulties these two quadrants experience and what to do about it. If you're an Expressive like about 75% of the chiropractic profession, you'll understand why banker-types drive you crazy! BUY IT

Play to Win! Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life, by Larry Wilson and Hersch Wilson. Another wonderful self development/self awareness books. Lots of great color illustrations and quotes from wise people. This is where I got the "sick---not sick---well" continuum that so wonderfully explains how most patients see health. BUY IT

The Popcorn Report, by Faith Popcorn. Ms. Popcorn is the Alvin Toffler and John Naisbitt of the 1990s. Her consulting firm specializes in advising Fortune 500 corporations on significant consumer trends that may affect their business, products, and services. BUY IT

Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind, by Jack Trout and Al Reis. A wonderful textbook that will help you move patients from a sickness care outlook to a wellness care perspective about chiropractic. BUY IT

Positively Outrageous Service, by T. Scott Gross. Recognizing that extraordinary service is the key to building positive word of mouth, Mr. Gross shows you ways some different types of businesses do it. A "business book" that's practical and very readable. BUY IT

The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. If you've struggled with time management, here's why. You should concentrate on energy management instead! Two athletic coaches show you why. Probably one of the most down to earth explanations why our busy lifestyles don't work--and what to do about it. BUY IT

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. It's the only book that I immediately started re-reading the moment I finished it. It contains one of the most profound ideas I've ever discovered. Just wish I known about it years ago. I would have saved myself countless hours of worry, distraction and pain. Gives a completely new meaning to present time consciousness. BUY IT

The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. Businesses thriving in today's cluttered environment stand out. Discover the courage and discipline needed to become the "purple cow" in a bland environment of boring brown cows. Find out why playing it safe is dangerous! BUY IT

Raving Fans, by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Ken entered our consciousness years ago with his One Minute Manager series. This, his latest book, uses a contemporary parable to demonstrate ways of creating delighted, loyal patients. Devour it in one evening when everyone else is watching the tube. BUY IT

Real Time, Preparing For the Age of the Never Satisfied Customer, by Regis McKenna. Can you imagine not having the speed of a microwave oven, the convenience of ATMs, or the connectivity of E-mail? Life around us is accelerating and your ability to keep your practice on the cutting edge requires new thinking on the issue of time. Find out why your 10-minute reception room wait is a greater imposition than the fee you charge! Time has become more precious than money. BUY IT

Reawakening The Spirit In Work, The Power of Dharmic Management, by Jack Hawley. The critical ingredient for any leader is the spiritual dimensions of their responsibilities. Often overlooked or ignored, this book tackles it head-on. Mr. Hawley's style is quite readable and his suggestions practical. Consider his observations and implement some of his ideas and you'll see a whole new meaning to serving your patients and leading your staff. BUY IT

Reclaiming The Fire, How Successful People Overcome Burnout, by Dr. Steven Berglas. After three episodes of burnout in my life, I thought I was an expert on burnout! Not so. This insightful book offered a major insight into the cause of burnout and prevention strategies. My biggest surprise? Burnout is an effect of anger! Hmmmm. BUY IT

Self-Powerment, Towards a New Way of Living, by Faye Mandell. As someone guilty of "living in my head," I found the notion of attaching a feeling to an idea, quite intriguing. With the endorsement of Eckhart Tolle who wrote The Power of Now, I just had to read it! BUY IT

17 Lies That Are Holding You Back & The Truth That Will Set You Free, by Steve Chandler. Wow! Right on the money. I won't spoil the ending but it vividly explains why most of the problems chiropractors have in their office rarely have anything to do with chiropractic! BUY IT

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra. This little book offers a lot of wisdom that will take a lifetime to appreciate and implement. You can probably read it in one sitting, and then spend years acting on its lessons! BUY IT

Stewardship, Choosing Service Over Self-Interest, by Peter Block. This book articulates a management style I've been trying to perfect in my business. Say goodbye to paternal, authoritarian control, and benefit from a practice that actually treats staff members as partners. Most of this goes 180 degrees counter to the typical practice management approach, but explore new ways to organize your office. BUY IT

The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons. Apparently we're "wired" to understand the wisdom and implications of stories. Our campfire these days is the television. It's why good storytellers make a greater impact than those with the latest facts and figures. It's profoundly affected the way I conduct seminars and could dramatically increase the effectiveness of your consultation and reports. BUY IT

The Tao of Leadership, by John Heider. An excellent source for anyone who leads groups or motivates others. Take a glimpse at the implications of mentorship from a Far Eastern perspective. BUY IT

Thinking For A Change, Discovering The Power To Create, Communicate, and Lead, by Michael J. Gelb. The title pretty well sums up the book nicely. I was intrigued by the concept of "mindmapping" that he describes. It’s a method of free-association using words and pictures connected by lines that show their relationship. Hard to describe here, but a real boost to ones creativity and problem-solving skills. BUY IT

The 13 Secrets of Power Performance, by Roger Dawson. If you want to change the results (patients, income, staff, etc.) you're getting, the only thing you can really change is yourself. This is a motivational book that explores specific ways you can improve your personal performance, and in turn influence those around you.

The Tipping Point, How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by Malcolm Gladwell. My friend James Milliron, D.C. recommended this one. A wonderful explanation about the sublties and nuances that affect crime rates, referrals and the word-of-mouth "buzz" that changes our culture. I especially enjoy the explanation of how New York City lowered its crime rate by focusing on graffiti removal! BUY IT

True Success, A New Philosophy of Excellence, by Tom Morris, Ph.D. Here's a great book for doctors who have reached their practice goals or struggled in vain to achieve them. Morris puts a fresh spin on what success is (and isn't) that should provide a new burst of energy and purpose. I especially enjoyed the countless quotes from some of the world's greatest thinkers. Get prepared to rethink statistics, practice volume, and other traditional ways of measuring success! BUY IT

Turning Lost Customers Into Gold, by Joan Koob Cannie. If you have a trophy case of inactive patients, get this book! How many patients do you lose each year? Why do they drop out? What's the lifetime value of a loyal patient? Have you ever asked patients what it would take to get them to adopt some type of ongoing visit schedule? BUY IT

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, by Al Ries and Jack Trout. I picked this one up because these guys wrote the important, Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind. While all 22 "laws" don't apply to chiropractic, the most important point I got was their Law of Duality and Law of the Opposite. Read why it's so important that chiropractic not try to "be just like medicine, but better." BUY IT

Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robins. This is the book that launched the his audio cassette programs and continuous TV infomercials. Besides putting NLP concepts in laymen's terms, read this classic for a lot of practical recipes for advancing personal change. BUY IT

Up the Loyalty Ladder, Turning Sometime Customers Into Full-Time Advocates of Your Business, by Murray Raphel and Neil Raphel. If you'd like to be more competitive with the other choices available to today's health care consumer, you'll enjoy this one. Discover practical action steps to move people from prospects, to shoppers, to customers, to clients, and finally to advocate status. BUY IT

Upside Down Marketing, Turning Your Ex-Customers into Your Best Customers, by George R. Walther. If your trophy case of inactive patients bugs you, you've got to read this one! Lots of great ideas to prevent drop out, and ways to reestablish contact with patients who have discontinued care. Find out why staying in touch with inactive patients is so important. BUY IT

The Wellness Revolution, by Paul Pilzer. Here's a world-class economist warning us that more and more of the baby boomers want wellness care. While he doesn't understand chiropractic, you'll get the picutre. If you're stuck in the 3rd party pain relief business, this is a must read! BUY IT

What Do Your Customers Really Want?, by John F. Lytle. More customer (patient) service insights. Find out why most patient surveys are a waste of time and what to do instead. Tap into some of the many unexpressed patient needs and discover new ways to enhance the word of mouth process. BUY IT

Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson, M.D.A wonderful metaphor! Two humans and two mice caught in a maze respond differently to change in their food supply. An excellent metaphor for the ways many doctors are responding to the changing third-party reimbursement environment. You can read it on one sitting. BUY IT

Why Change Doesn't Work, Why Initiatives Go Wrong and How to Try Again and Succeed, by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley. Don't get put off by the somewhat corporate tone of this book. These guys dissect the human psyche and discover some interesting principles about why new procedures, new tools, and new processes get sabotaged. If you've ever tried to implement something new, and found resistance, you'll find these insights helpful. BUY IT

Why People Don't Buy Things, by Harry Washburn and Kim Wallace. If you'd like to enhance your ability to connect and lead your patients, especially at your report of findings, rush out and get this book! The five step process is absolutely brilliant. BUY IT

Why Should Someone Do Business With You Rather Than Someone Else? by Sam Geist. I like the interactive style of this book. The short chapters explore fundamental marketing concepts with real-world examples. Then, like a private consultant, he asks rhetorical questions that help make the principles relevant to your practice. BUY IT

Word-of-Mouth Marketing, by Jerry Wilson. Harness the power of the ultimate advertising medium by helping patients vouch for you. Learn new ways to exceed your patient's expectations to actively create positive word of mouth. BUY IT

Your Own Worst Enemy, Understanding The Paradox Of Self-Defeating Behavior, by Steven Berglas, Ph.D. and Roy F. Baumeister, Ph.D. Ever seen someone "choke" at a critical moment in their performance? Have you ever wondered why especially successful people (Jimmy Swaggart, Gary Hart, Pete Rose, Bill Clinton, etc.) end up getting caught doing stupid things? Are you guilty of self-defeating behavior? Get some valuable insights into avoiding "practice sabotage." BUY IT

You've Got To Be Believed To Be Heard, by Bert Decker. This is an excellent communication book that will give you an exciting understanding of better ways to reach patients. Finally explains why great communicators have better compliance, more fun, and bigger practices. BUY IT

Read a good book recently? Send me your suggestions.