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Chiropractic Seminars on CD for Chiropractors

These chiropractic seminars come on CD and are designed for the chiropractic professional. Written and produced by Bill Esteb, these mini-chiropractic seminars offers practical training that chiropractic continuing education seminars just don’t cover. Why? Far too practical and immediately usable!

seminar-thumbnail The Seminar
An intense 8-CD program from a live seminar captures the patient's point of view.
  cash-seminar-thumbnail Converting to Cash Seminar
Say goodbye to stingy, claim-cutting, foot-dragging third-parties forever.
referral-seminar-thumbnail Abundant Referrals Seminar
Do you know all 12 Principles for stimulating patient referrals--without asking?
  chiropractic-training-seminar-thumb Chiropractic For Assistants Seminar CD
Turn your staff into unstoppable chiropractic advocates!
bills-best-thumbnail Bill's Best
As you drive, William Esteb reads his favorite chapters from all ten books. Even better than a seminar!
  million-dollar-seminar-thumbnail Million Dollar Questions Seminar
Our one-hour "mini-seminar" equips you to ask patients 21 powerful questions.
being-on-purpose-seminar-thumb Being On Purpose Seminar
A one-hour mini-seminar for crafting a statement of purpose for your practice.
New Patient Mojo

New Patient Mojo Podcasts seem like a new patient seminar broken up into short, bite-sized pieces!

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