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Staff Training That Turns Your Chiropractic Assistants into Committed Chiropractic Advocates

Chiropractic assistant training is essential. And it’s difficult to be an effective front desk advocate for chiropractic if you haven't had any assistant training!

Chiropractic For Assistants makes essential CA staff training a breeze. Even fun!

Most CAs get little if any training about chiropractic. Thrust into a new job as a chiropractic assistant, they’re quickly overwhelmed by the computer, the comings and goings of practice members and the desire to master the procedures. Without training, they rarely see the larger meaning (and opportunity) of their important work, leading to detachment, burnout and eventually, expensive turnover.

“We’ve used your materials for years. The biggest impact that I’ve seen with having someone “get it” is when we have employee applicants listen to Chiropractic for Assistants. There is something on that CD that really gets through to people, whether they’ve had previous experience with chiropractic or not. I’ve seen similar reactions every time we have an applicant listen to the CD. It works way beyond anything else we’ve tried.”

J G Moellendorf, DC, ND, LCP
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Chiropractic For Assistants is a staff training program consisting of an inspirational one-hour audio introduction to chiropractic principles for today’s professional assistant. This training is a “crash course” that makes the process easy. It helps each CA recognize opportunities to grow the practice at the front desk. All this while seeing a new level of meaning and significance to their work. Inspire every chiropractic assistant on your team by allowing William Esteb to personally train your staff about:

• The language of chiropractic
• Basic anatomy and physiology
• What makes chiropractic different
• How and why chiropractic works
• The meaning of symptoms
• Types of chiropractic care
• Creating referral opportunities
• Setting an example
• Answering questions
• Patient confidentiality
• How to avoid burnout

Use other chiropractic assistant training resources to teach your staff about using your billing software and telephone scripting. Instead, this chiropractic assistant training CD supplies something even more valuable: big picture passion and motivation.

Use the online CA Quiz to test each assistant on their comprehension before and after listening by having them take the free online test. Take it yourself and see what a high-performance assistant will know after listening to Chiropractic For Assistants.

Your one-time purchase adds this chiropractic assistant training tool to your practice permanently.

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Chiropractic For Assistants Training
by William D. Esteb
One hour CD
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