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Getting Our Blog as an RSS Feed

The Patient Media blog is equipped with Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

After setting up your email reader to receive feeds, every new post made to our blog will be automatically sent to your RSS folder, similar to mail messages. When you see a headline that interests you, just click or open the item—without having to visit our website.

Every email program is a little different, but what follows describes how to set up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. There are other providers of free, web-based feed readers such as Bloglines. Just do a Google search.

1. Begin by opening up Outlook 2007. Click on Mail. You should see a menu something like this.


2. Right click on the orange RSS logo.

3. This should bring up a small menu that looks something like this.

Click on Add a New RSS Feed…

4. This will produce a dialogue box in which to enter the URL of the RSS feed. In this case, enter:

5. And that’s all there is to it. As new blog posts are made on the website, they will show up in your RSS Folder.