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Report of Findings Patient Folders and ROF Tear Off Forms Simplify Your Chiropractic Reports

The chiropractic report of findings (ROF) is one of the most important patient communication. Make sure your reports aren't merely oral reports! Use these chiropractic report tools and report of findings supplies to package your reports and give them greater impact. Do you use the CLA Subluxation Station? Check our Chiropractic Leadership Alliance supplies.

VIP-report-image-thumb VIP Starter Set Report Package
Ready to upgrade your reports? Begin with this money-saving Starter Kit.
  CLA-report-thumb CLA CORE Starter Set Report Package
Save by getting the essential report of findings tools bundled as a kit.
Examination Report Insert
2-part carbonless form to guide your reports, keep you on track and save.
Nervous System Report Insert
Our 2-part carbonless form shows the link between bones and nerves.
Posture Report Insert
2-part carbonless form for reporting the patient's structural distortions.
Spinal Decay Report Insert
2-part carbonless form for recording the patient's X-ray findngs and phase of Spinal Decay.
Recovery Report Insert
The report insert that foreshadows "decision time" and reduces dropout.
PreScan Checklist
An essential document that patients complete before your sEMG scans. CLA product index.
10 Ways Report Insert
A report of findings document that reminds patients of ideal home care suggestions.
How Far Report Insert
Report of findings handout that explains the five types of chiropractic care.
Pediatric Scan Report Insert
Chiropractic report insert urges parents to have their children checked.
Wellness Wheel
Use this simple form to document each patient’s level of wellness at progress reports.
CLA CORE Report of Findings Folder
A patient report folder designed for your Insight Subluxation Station scans! Other CLA products.
VIP Report of Findings Folder
Our version of the magazette, a patient report folder that "packages" your report documents.
anatomical model thumbnail
Lumbar Spine Anatomical Model
Use our magnetized spinal decay model for a high impact report of findings.
CLA Progress Scan Folder
The perfect report packaging for each patient’s pre- and post-sEMG scans.
Safety Pin
The safety pin cycle comes alive with our 5" safety pin! Start report of findings conversations the easy way.
medicare worksheet thumb

Medicare Worksheet
Use this worksheet to show seniors how your first visit fees are computed.

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