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CLA Scan Report of Findings Starter Set

Choose either the original Scan Folder (above) or the new CORE SCORE Folder. Save when
you purchase your choice of folder and the five Inserts as a package! (Don't take X-rays? Call
and we'll substitute the PreScan Checklist or a different insert.)

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Examination Findings Insert—Use these two-part carbonless forms to guide your reports. Simply check a few boxes and enter a few phrases. Circle the subluxations you found on the posterior illustration. Keep the bottom copy for your files and send the top one home in the CLA Scan Folder. It’s a great way to avoid meanderings and automatically give you a written record of your report for your files. Pkg. of 50

Spinal Decay Insert—With patients you’ve taken X-rays, use this two-part carbonless form to "phase place" degenerative changes to the patient’s cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Circle the views that come closest to matching theirs. Check the phrases that best describe their stage of degeneration and keep the bottom copy for your files. Choose between left- or right-facing (shown) X-rays. Pkg. of 50

Posture and Spinal Curve Insert—Use this two-part carbonless form to identify areas of lost curve, scoliosis or other common postural distortions. Indicate a high shoulder or a low hip with a few quick lines. Send the top copy home in the VIP Folder and keep the bottom copy for your files. Protect yourself by having a better record of what was said. Great for spinal screenings! Left- or right-facing. Pkg. of 50

Nervous System Insert—Posterior view of the spine includes the major neurological connections at each segmental level. Use this two-part carbonless form to circle the areas of subluxation. Patients get a copy and you keep one for your files. Patients see the connection between the structural integrity of their spine and neurological function. Pkg. of 50

Road to Recovery Insert—Coordinates with our popular poster. Use this colorful one-part insert during your report to explain the three possible tracks (quick improvement, worse before getting better and steady improvement) and the consequences of discontinuing care prematurely. Foreshadow their "patch or fix" decision and lay the groundwork for better retention. Pad of 50

CLA Scan Folder

CLA Scan Report Folder—The perfect way to package your baseline scans and other report documents. Simply put the patient’s name and date along the upper right edge. Use the die-cuts on the flap to insert relevant brochures and your business card to stimulate referrals. A professional package that impresses patients and reassures spouses! Pkg. of 50

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CLA Scan Starter Set
Pkgs. of 50 of all 6 items above
Indicate right- or left-facing Spinal
Decay and Posture inserts
$119 (Save $22)

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