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Chiropractic Postcards for Reactivation, Birthdays and Visit Reminder Postcards

Chiropractic postcards are quick and easy ways to provide patient reminders. No envelopes. No barriers to creating the top-of-mind awareness that prompts reactivations and referrals. Select from a variety of Patient Media chiropractic postcards and remind inactives to return for a chiropractic checkup. Chiropractic postcards make practice marketing fast and easy! Supply your own customize address-side message.

What should you write on a chiropractic postcard? Here are some ideas.

Reactivation Postcards
Save when you buy the Starter Set of all four postcards as a package.
birthday-postcard-image1 Feeling Your Age Birthday Postcards
An amusing chiropractic postcard reminder for sending your annual birthday wishes.
  birthday-postcard-image2 Pain in the Neck Birthday Postcards
A chiropractic birthday postcard sure to produce a smile and patient goodwill.

Birds of a Feather Postcards
Attract more ideal patients by reminding your favorite patients to tell others.

  todo-postcard-image To Do List Postcards
Seeing you is at the top of this to do list.
Remember Appointment Poscards
A simple fill-in-the-blank appointment reminder postcard.
  sports-postcard-image Sports Lifestyle Postcards
Link a recreational activity patients enjoy to regular chiropractic care.
pond-postcard-image Pond Postcards
Remind inactive patients of the far-reaching implications of their health.
  maintenance-postcard-image Proper Maintenance
The perfect chiropractic reactivation postcard for male patients who value their car more than their health.
appointments-postcard-image Keep Your Appointment Postcards
The appointment reminder postcard that coordinates with our wall poster.
  Iceberg Postcards
A powerful metaphor and eye-catching image to stimulate reactivations.
cla-scanning-postcard-image CLA Scan Postcards
Reactivate patients you saw before you added sEMG to your procedures.
  cla-checkup-postcard-image CLA Checkup Postcards
Reactivate patients by encouraging them to return for a follow up scan.
million-checks-image Thank You Checks
Do you forget to say thank you? Make patients feel like a million bucks!

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