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We provide state-of-the-art patient communication tools that feature strong graphics and a simple message. For your convenience, all our chiropractic products are listed on one page.
You can read all our tools online. But sometimes you may want to hold the brochure or report of findings document in your hands. Or test it with a patient. We're happy to send you up to five items at no charge.

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Need scripting ideas? Want to know when best to use our chiropractic brochures and chiropractic posters? Implementation ideas are free with over 100 ways to best use our most popular chiropractic patient education marketing supplies.


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The patient's point of view.

One of the things that makes Patient Media materials so effective is we're all chiropractic patients. Find out how the patients point of view grows practices.

Invite Bill to speak to your chiropractic organization.
Bill is a frequent guest speaker at chiropractic state associations, societies, conventions and colleges. Check his chiropractic seminars speaking schedule for upcomig gigs. Need a chiropractic consultant?
Business card inspriration.
At last count, Bill has about 3,500 business cards that he’s collected from chiropractors around the world. If yours needs a facelift and you need a little inspiration, he’s posted his favorites online.
Bill Esteb shares his thoughts...
Over the years, Bill has been asked some fascinating questions. He’s posted them here, along with his answer. Get his take on everything from flu shots to focus groups.
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Patient Media is represented around the world by some incredible people who share our values, integrity and chiropractic commitment. Meet the Patient Media distributor near you.
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