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Chiropractic Newsletter for Chiropractic Patients: Relief & Wellness News Letter

A Chiropractic Newsletter That Patients Actually Read!

Relief & Wellness News is a chiropractic newsletter with news. Practical stuff. Lots of short, bite-sized, easy-to-read articles that immediately connect with patients with usable information on all kinds of wellness and natural health topics—not just chiropractic. Something that will resonate with virtually every active or inactive chiropractic patient.

The Chiropractic Newsletter With Credibility

The first thing you'll notice about this chiropractic newsletter is we don't use color pictures. Sure, color pictures are eye-catching, but today’s savvy recipients know that color pictures probably means your newsletters were "store bought."

Instead, we use crisp Xerography on a high-quality paper with an earthy tint that changes with each season. Our two-color approach has a professional, upscale feel that looks like you actually wrote and published your newsletter yourself, increasing credibility.

What Can I Personalize?

Our designers will integrate your name into the text, headlines and photo captions as appropriate. Want to change something in one of the articles? No problem! Virtually anything in black ink can be edited, deleted, modified or replaced. Relief & Wellness News isn’t just personalized—it’s a customized chiropractic newsletter—and we do all the work!

No Subscription Required

We publish a new issue every 90 days, corresponding with the seasons of the year and no long-term contract is required. However, like chiropractic adjustments, regular mailings improve performance of your newsletter.

Each issue features a "Personalization Panel" on the same panel as the mailing address that can be used for an editorial, testimonial, office announcement, birthdays—you name it. Email us your text and photos and we’ll give it the same look and feel as the rest of the issue. Or use our stock "From the desk of..." article. Customizing each issue to your liking is done for a $65 design fee

How Much Does It Cost?

The minimum order is 200 chiropractic newsletters. Just multiply the number you need by 49 cents to compute the printing cost. (44 cents each for orders of 1000 chiropractic newsletters or more.) This includes printing, folding and tabbing so it’s ready for your staff to apply labels and mail—or to outsource to a local mailing house for bulk mail processing (usually 500 pieces or more). Add the shipping cost and you're ready to educate and reactivate.

Will I See a Newsletter Proof?

After we work in your picture(s), logo, name, phone number and personalize the issue, we’ll email you a PDF proof of your newsletter to review and approve. Nothing gets printed until you say "Go!" When you do, we’ll start the presses. Elapsed time? About two weeks or so, based upon how many proofs are necessary and how quickly you respond.

Order Relief & Wellness Now!

Request a free sample of our current newsletter or preview it online below. Print and fax the order form and email us the material for your Personalization Panel (or ask us to create one for you) and let’s get started! Read what some of our customers have told us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Relief & Wellness News

Relief & Wellness News
Chiropractic Patient Quarterly Newsletter

(200 piece minimum)
US $65 Design Fee
US 49¢ per copy


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