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Need some motivation? Some motivation tips? Get motivated each Monday! Join chiropractic patient and advocate Bill Esteb, the writer of 10 chiropractic books, for 150 words of chiropractic practice wisdom to start your week off right.

These Monday motivators are designed for chiropractors and chiropractic staff. Subscribe today and Monday Morning Motivation will appear in your in box each week as it has for thousands of chiropractors since September of 1999. Less than a minute to read, each is packed with meaning and significance.

I'm often asked, "Why 150 words?"

If you've worked in the broadcast industry, you know that 150 words is about how many words it takes for a 60-second spot. (I suppose you could call it Monday Morning Motivation Minute, but that's way too many M's!) Instead of a stopwatch, you just count the words.

Plus, having a boundary, makes each message concise. Every word must count!

(The text above is 150 words.)

Monday Morning Motivation is FREE. Each e-mail message offers a suggestion, a chiropractic marketing idea, practice tip or some other helpful hint or insight you can apply to your practice and your life. Review archived editions of Monday Morning Motivation. (Naturally, each week's content is copyrighted and shouldn't be reprinted without permission. However, feel free to link to them using the Permalink on our chiropractic blog.)

Then, each year during the 13 Mondays of summer, I do something a little different with the motivational message:

2007 Proverbs For Practice
2008 The Summer of Love
2009 Laws of Practice Success
2010 Chiropractic Chiroisms
2011 30 Years of Experience
2012 What Makes Chiropractic Attractive
2013 Chiropractors Who Outshine
2014 Success Leaves Clues

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