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Sample MD Referral Letter

You might remember the answer given by bank robber Willie ("Slick Willie") Sutton when asked why he robbed banks. Sutton simply replied, "Because that's where the money is."

Turns out, if you want patients, you might want to go where the patients are. And these days, the greatest gathering of patients seem to be in the offices of members of the medical profession. It might be wise to befriend a couple. One way to do that is to assemble a list of professionals that you can refer to:

Medical doctors
Physical therapists
Massage therapists
Mid wives

Here's a sample letter you can use as a starting point to introduce yourself to other specialists and see if there's a good fit.

Dear (Professional)

There are occasions when I need to refer my patients to a specialist. Being new to the community, I’m sometimes at a loss when my patients ask for a recommendation. I’d like to change that.

Do you have an opening for lunch in the next week or so?

I’d like to meet you, tour your office and explore your approach to patient care. I’d like to understand the types of cases you enjoy and how I can include you as a resource for my patients.

May I call you or your staff to arrange a time and date?

Warmest regards,

Then, follow up! Make the calls! Sure, you may be greeted with a cold shoulder. No problem. Just take that as a no and move on. You're just looking for a handful of experts who want to play.

Your objective is to become a known quantity. These days, much of the so-called bias from the medical profession is simply a lack of any actual experience or personal exposure to chiropractors. Be prepared to defuse a handful of common myths ("Why do chiropractors think they can cure everything?" and "Why do chiropractors make patients come forever?") These beliefs often stand in the way of chiropractors being the recipients of referrals. Clean up this little misunderstanding and do yourself and your profession a world of good.

Other marketing and chiropractic letters you can send to patients are included in our 50 Patient Letters book.