Patient Media

Striking a Nerve

Foreword by Linnea Person, D.C.
Introduction by Scott Walker, D.C.
Originally published 1997
240 Pages
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The Illusion of Patient Education
Perhaps the greatest fallacy about patient education is the notion that it has occurred.

The Panic Practice
So after the sweaty palms, the self-pity and the victim attitude no longer serve you, find some quiet time and make a list of all the reasons patients would want to pay good money to hang around you.

Doctor, You're Not Listening
"Bill, before I commit suicide or file bankruptcy, I wanted to give you a call."

Making It Happen
"How do you get a practice that has gone into a nose dive to a stable altitude and fly in formation?"

Influencing The Influencers
"An effort to equalize everyone without regard to talent, experience, or judgment can result in a society of mediocrity."

Convenient Illusions
"Along with the illusion that Easter bunnies lay eggs, is the convenient illusion that a special procedure, vocabulary, or clinical protocol will cause patients to wise up, mend their ways and do what is, in the long term, best interests of their health."

Three Reasons Patients Don't Refer
"Yet, as desirable as this type of patient is, many offices are guilty of inadvertently reducing the number of referrals they get."

Focusing On Chiropractic
"In my judgment, the problem comes when chiropractic doctors decide to mix chiropractic with water purifiers, colloidial minerals, memory courses, supplements, and who knows what else."

The Case Against Open Adjusting Rooms
"Becoming a student of office environments has caused me to reach the conclusion that one of the biggest blunders perpetrated upon the chiropractic profession was the open office concept."

Treating Symptoms
"There may be no greater delusion circulating in the chiropractic profession."

Three Success Strategies
"In the face of the challenges never before seen in this profession, there seem to be three types of practices still making waves."

The Greatest Enemy All
"As more and more doctors look for the easiest scapegoats to point the finger of blame for their current practice maladies, many still overlook the greatest, most powerful enemy of chiropractic."

The Free Adjustment
"Worse than the dogma that so many student doctors absorb from their experience in chiropractic college, is the resulting lifetime of free chiropractic adjustments that they will receive."

Turning Your Back On Managed Care
"Managed care is built on a lie."

Leadership Vacuum
"Instead of `and' thinking, that embraces philosophy and science, some have been led to believe that chiropractic will be advanced by science `or' a philosophy."

What Do You Really Believe?
"Part of the problem is that many doctors have watered down chiropractic and have been sucked into the medical model of health."

Equal Exchange
"One of my core beliefs is that we are compensated in direct proportion to our ability to bring or add value to the universe."

Scotomas I Have Known
"These blind spots are likely to provide a lifetime of job security for consultants, therapists, book writers, and seminar speakers."

I Tried That-But It Doesn't Work
"While most chiropractors profess to be doctors of cause, you can see them scramble for the latest, greatest gimmick to get new patients, make additional income, or reduce paperwork."

Healing Patients At The Front Desk
"Chiropractic is as much of a performance as the death-causing spells cast by voodoo priests or the apparent effectiveness of a sugar pill placebo."

Fees First
"Sure, maybe we'd all like to eat lobster when eating out, but not all of us can afford it.

When Is Something Better Than Nothing?
"Worse, patients have become the unwitting victims of a system of care whose foundational tenet is a blatant mistrust of the doctor/patient relationship and skims the profits that rightfully belong to those providing the service."


100 Years Of Great Results
"But great results by themselves do not produce a self-sustaining practice."

Chiropractic Computer Phobia
"So I forced myself to become consciously incompetent."

Essential Patient Education
"It seems the only thing worse than being loathed or ostracized is good old fashioned indifference."

Calling All Leadership
"The problem is apathy, but who cares, observes a particularly appropriate bumper sticker."

Life Is Fair
"The more I learn about life and chiropractic and patients and staff, I've reached the conclusion that life is unusually fair."

Should You Be A Chiropractor?
"Frankly, there are a lot of chiropractors who aren't happy and need the courage to investigate a different career path."

Student Sabotage
"Instead, the school clinic is often a bastard child that is often seen as punishment, a barrier, and for some who finish early, a time-waster."

Why Technique Doesn't Matter
"To chiropractors who just want to adjust, this observation may seem to border on blasphemy."

Seminar Co-Dependent No More
"To recognize that I am now contributing to the pathetic illusion that a seminar can somehow offer the keys to practice success is sobering."

How Patients Value Health
"It's only when our lack of health interferes with our enjoyment, ability to perform our duties, or diminishes our performance, that we take even a modest interest in the matters of health."

Who's Really In Control?
"And much to your dismay, you discovered you really weren't in control, anyway."

The Ignorance Tax
"Few staff members are properly equipped to successfully handle this opportunity and raise the conversation above mere price considerations."

Moving Patients To Wellness
"Each chiropractor seems to measure professional success in a slightly different way."

What Do You Believe?
"These spinal mechanics cringe at the seemingly implied success that chiropractic may have with visceral and systemic health problems."

Why Patients Can't Afford Chiropractic
"While the staff is a convenient scapegoat, they are rarely the real cause of patient attrition."

Buck Up Doctors!
"HMOs are not the enemy. They are merely a symptom of an even greater enemy."

Survival Of The Fittest
"VHS won out over what experts still consider to be the technically superior Sony product."

Pet Peeves
"While I'm sure you've observed behaviors and conduct of your fellow chiropractors that embarrass you, in no particular order, here are a few of the ones that raise my eyebrows."

Like Attracts Like
"Focus on a lack of new patients, and the universe willingly complies, producing a lack of new patients."

Be Prepared!
"In fact, a common denominator among offices that are surviving and actually thriving during this time of tremendous change, is their tireless preparation."

The Visual Practice
"For those of us who are good readers, this growing emphasis on pictures is not easily recognized."

Five Reasons Not To Accept Assignment
"When you accept insurance assignment, you isolate patients from the consequences of their behaviors."

Bill On Bill
"Mr. Esteb has chosen to end this book by interviewing himself."