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What a Patient Wants

Foreword by Louis Sportelli, D.C.
Introduction by Robert Hoffman, D.C.
Originally published 2002
240 Pages
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33 Reasons the Public Rejects Chiropractic
"Why would someone choose drugs and surgery over the safe adn natural approach offere by chiropractic care?"

Your Associate Knows
"In the beginning you served a valuable, if not honorable purpose by showing a new doctor the ropes. But you got greedy. Sloppy. Maybe even lazy."

New Patients 101
“Before you can grow your practice, you need to “stop the bleeding” from the few patients who do show up and then who flee at the first signs of relief without telling others.”

New Patients 201
“Marketing your practice like a medical doctor does (which means virtually no marketing) is a prescription for frustration and pain.”

Are You Parenting Your Patients?
“When you steal the patient’s responsibility for recovering their health, nagging them like a parent, you create a rebellious patient in the same way similar conduct will often produce an irresponsible teenager.”

Know Any Irrational Patients?
“When you fall into the trap of making rational arguments for the benefits of chiropractic, you’re taking the analytical, mechanistic, reductionist path that medicine uses.”

Competing Against Managed Care
“In many ways, competing against managed care is like competing against the office down the street that offers cheap adjustments."

Can Your Patients Feel the Difference?
“Like swatting a dog that has piddled on the rug with a rolled-up newspaper, patients quickly learn not to share their observations about the changes they’re feeling in their bodies."

Unconscious Competence
“When you reach this highest level in your practice, your marriage or any other activity or relationship, you enter the danger zone. Burnout is around the corner.”

Heaven Can Wait
“It’s ironic that you’ve given your own feelings validity but discarded your patient’s.”

Adjusting the Patient’s Brain
“Chiropractors who seem most effective at “cerebral cortex adjusting” rely on some special techniques to guide their efforts.”

Presenting Your Patient Financial Policy
“You’ve heard the approach of consultants, management experts and other chiropractors. Here’s a different perspective: a patient’s point of view.”

The Learning Curve
“Here are eight key trends that are affecting the behavior of your patients, and in turn the relevancy and attractiveness of your practice.”

I Made a Mistake
“Abandon VSC? Heavens no! It still appears to be the most complete model to come down the pike. Just don’t annoy your patients with it.”

How to Start a Practice
“If you have, or will soon graduate, and you’re anxious to have the practice of your dreams, consider some of these ideas for a successful launch.”

Divorce and the Patient Makeover
“Once you take your eye off your patient relationships; once you allow some other concern to interfere with your healing connection with patients, you’ve turned service into slavery; freedom into bondage.”

Patient Education or Patient Teaching?
“Socrates had it right. That the true educator was one who could be the ‘midwife to a process of an individual becoming self aware of the truth.’”

Getting to Know Patients
“Without quality patient relationships, patients aren’t inclined to stay long enough to fully benefit from chiropractic care or refer others.”

Changing a Patient’s Mind
“No wonder most so-called “patient education” is rarely effective at changing patient beliefs and altering their behavior.”

Do You Care Too Much?
“When you smoother a patient with too much “care” it can produce resentment, poor compliance and other counterproductive patient behaviors.”

How to Reinvent Yourself
“Maintaining the status quo by using your power and position became more important than trying new ideas, taking risks and exploring possibilities.

Creating a Safe Place to Fail
“Raise your voice. Foam at the mouth. Or make them feel guilty for leaving their children at home. It won’t work. Most patients have to fail before they will embrace chiropractic as a lifestyle.”

How to Convert a Skeptic
“With all the people already predisposed to an all natural, drug-free approach to better health, the question isn’t how do you convert a skeptic, but rather, should you?”


Playing Doctor
“Regardless of discipline, the “patient” does the healing, not the doctor. Some chiropractors have overlooked this simple fact and fallen for the old medical model of what doctors are and what doctors do.”

Get Authentic!
“The old patient control techniques were effective ways to extract money from deep pocketed insurance companies. Unfortunately this Jurassic era management style is the only approach a whole generation of chiropractors knows.”

Patient Philosofooey
“The fact is, few patients call a chiropractic office asking for help switching from a symptom-treating perspective to a caused-based approach to health care.”

Bootstrapping the Struggling Practice
“Those who are struggling find it difficult to ask for help. The tragic result is they often feel isolated and abandoned. But what’s worse, they remove the opportunity of the helper to enjoy the blessings of helping someone else.”

The Me in Meaning
“When we are confronted with a point of view contrary to ours, it’s human nature to reject it and retrench even more deeply into our current belief system.”

What About Advertising?
“It’s the difference between having a practice or merely a promotion.”

Healthy Patient Relationships
“Your intent is to create the opportunity for them to utilize chiropractic for its highest and best purpose—as determined by each patient.”

15 Practice Marketing Ideas That Work
“If your clinical skills are at least adequate and you have something that passes for a personality, then implementing some simple marketing techniques could increase your patient volume and profitability.”

A Sure Thing
“At the root of the financial crisis that places so many chiropractors at risk of the largess of third parties is the fact that many of these chiropractors are not healthier than their patients.”

Why Don’t My Patients Refer?
“Patient referrals are a sign of healthy patient relationships. But it is also the result of understanding the referral process from a patient’s point of view!”

Pain, Fear and Hope
“If you think bone spurs, a contracted leg or a reduced range of motion motivate patients you’re either new in practice, naïve or both.”

You Talk Too Much, You Worry Me to Death
“Like medical doctors searching for a new drug to produce a desired effect, chiropractors search for the right words or procedures that will compel patients to do the right thing.”

The Folly of Patient Education
“Most practitioners have invested far more in their clinical skills than their communication skills.”

Finding Dr. Right
“While you may find these approaches less than perfect, without the power of a personal referral, there are many prospective patients who haven’t become patients yet because they don’t know where to start.”

Repent or the End Will Be Near
“Like the religious fanatic or MLM cultist, these chiropractors reveal that chiropractic is about them, not the patient.”

The Patient’s Point of View
“Overlook the following widely-held patient beliefs and patients will politely nod at your postural and orthopedic exam findings, but they won’t stay beyond symptomatic relief.”

What’s Your Story?
“How do we uncover, refine, test, sharpen and share our story? Moreover, perhaps more important, why bother?”

Stuck in a Doctor-Centered Practice?
“The doctor-centered practice comes in a variety of flavors, but here are a few of the ones I’ve seen.”

Three New Patients
“The way I see it is that there are at least three different major types of new patients. Each type is looking for something a little different. Which one(s) does your office appeal to?”

New Patients From the Inside Out
“If you have the desire to help more people, here are some things to consider that occur inside your office that can thwart new patient referrals.”

How Many Do You Hear?
“In chiropractic, comparing patient volume is about as relevant as comparing IQ or pant leg inseam measurement!”