Patient Media

A Patients Point of View

Foreword by James Milliron, D.C.
Introduction by Will Tickel, D.C.
Originally published 1992
240 Pages
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Get Real
In an era of antibiotics, organ transplants and DNA splicing, chiropractic by be too low tech.

Clearing a Patient's Internal Dialogue Responding to the internal dialogue of new patients is the largest non-clinical challenge today's doctor of chiropractic faces.

Out of the Closet
"By avoiding being identified with chiropractic I was inadvertently admitting that chiropractic's detractors were right."

"When patients see references to chiropractic care lasting a lifetime or newborns and children under care, a new precedent is set."

The New Patient Menu
"Increase your accessibility and help prospective patients move through this multi-step decision-making process more quickly."

The Chiropractic Trojan Horse
"Even if insurance acceptance has validated chiropractic in the eyes of the public, third-party payers have become something of a Trojan Horse."

On Being Anti-medicine
"When you’re anti-medicine, you take a posture that contradicts most patients' experience and puts your chiropractic recommendations in question."

On the First Visit
"To consciously shape the image new patients form of the office requires studying the patient as much as analyzing the office."

Management by Anticipation
"Explain to the patient that someday they're going to start wondering how much longer they're going to need chiropractic care..."

Making Chiropractic Valuable
"It's easy to get carried away and give patients what they need, only to be disappointed later when you discover that the patient wanted something else."

Boomer Business
"This generation, with its health consciousness, is forcing changes upon virtually every aspect of the health care delivery system."

The Three Phases of Staff Development
"How do you avoid losing someone when there is little chance for upward mobility in a small, closely-held business?"

The Cost of Ownership
"If you have the right staff and you want to keep them, here are some ways to extend a sense of psychic ownership in the practice."

The Secret of Motivation
"When we assume too much responsibility for our children, or anyone else, we sabotage normal development and the self-esteem necessary for a healthy, balanced life."

Asking Questions
"One way to engage your patients, help them internalize their chiropractic experience, and equip them to tell others about chiropractic, is to regularly ask them questions."

Features and Benefits
"We get so immersed in our specialized area of interest that we forget how to communicate in a language the outside world understands."

Backseat Driving
"Something between the unattainable goal of absolute control and total chaos must be achieved."

The Myth of Patient Management
"How can you ethically motivate patients to follow through without becoming a high-pressure salesperson?"

The Patient-Driven Practice
"It sounds impossible from within the grasp of Start Up, but the practice actually grows in size by not trying to be all things to all people."

When Do Patients Know Enough?
"How well are you educating patients so they can make appropriate decisions and place the proper value on their care?"

A Report on the Report of Findings
"Here are some techniques today's best communicators are using to maximize the full impact of their report of findings."


Mentoring Patients to Health
"Isn't it interesting that the patients you especially enjoy serving seem to get well sooner?"

Growing Chiropractic Clients
"What if 30% or more of all the patients you've ever seen over the years came in for a wellness visit on the same visit frequency you enjoy?"

Identifying Your Ideal Patient
"Begin to shape your practice to be especially responsive to the needs of the kinds of patients you want."

Worthy of Care
"If every patient continued to feel better and feel better about themselves by simply being in your office, your retention statistics would soar."

An Effective Referral Dialogue
"There are active steps you can take to enhance the kind of referrals you receive and shape the direction of your practice through word-of-mouth advertising."

The Power of Word of Mouth
"When a patient or customer enters a business with a certain set of expectations and these expectations or needs are fulfilled and nothing out of the ordinary happens, no word of mouth is generated."

A Chiropractic Disneyland?
"Have you given any thought to the effect your office environment has on your patients?"

The Chiropractic Underground
"Why are so many patients afraid to share openly their chiropractic experience with others?"

Moments of Truth
"Those who overlook how patient perceptions are formed reduce chiropractic to a mere clinical procedure."

A System is the Solution
"In chiropractic, you develop a system so you can spend more time doing what you really enjoy and less time managing, administrating and handling exceptions."

Managing a Patient's Pocketbook
"Instead of extolling the virtues of chiropractic, they feel double-crossed that they have chosen an incompetent businessperson."

The Nerve System as a Management Metaphor
"Like the body's nervous system, a management system can work only when there is no interference."

The Three Hats of Chiropractic
"If each of these personality traits were equally developed and functioning in balance, there would be no stopping your practice."

Consulting Versus Coaching
"If you just want to be part of a group or feel like you belong, go join a country club!"

The Art of Being
"When you are clear about who you are (being), the doing part of chiropractic is merely a detail."

The Allure of Instant Gratification
"The question is, are you serving the public to service your debt, or are you serving because of your debt to the public?"

It's About Time
"Why are there so many doctors with just a 90-day vision of the future and nothing more than a short-term plan designed to make a financial killing and then retire?"

New Purpose for Your Practice
"Developing and implementing a statement of purpose is the foundation for the team effort needed to keep all areas of the practice in alignment."

Repositioning Patients from the Curb
"While it's short and sometimes catchy, don't confuse a positioning statement with a slogan."

The Social Skills of Recalls
"It takes more than a great recall script to build a maintenance practice full of cash paying patients!"

The Exit Dialogue
"Does it seem odd to congratulate a patient for making a decision that short-circuits long-term rehabilitative care?"