Patient Media


My Report of Findings

Foreword by Bernard Furshpan, D.C.
Introduction by Claudia Anrig, D.C.
Originally published 1993
240 Pages

Five Arguments For the Rejection of Chiropractic
"With the recent flurry of media attention chiropractic is receiving you'd think there would be a line out in front of most chiropractor's offices."

A Doctor's Reputation
"As ill-health and disease was seen as something caused by outside sources it became more and more accepted that solutions should come from outside the body too."

Prime Time Chiropractic
"Imagine how strange chiropractic philosophy must appear to patients who have been trained so well by television."

13 Ways To Improve Your Yellow Page Ad
"They're not deciding whether they want a medical doctor or a chiropractic doctor, they're deciding which chiropractor."

Turning Junk Into Jewels
"Today, with so many things begging for our attention, a newsletter should be short, to the point, very visual, and enhance the reader's perception of his or her health and well-being."

Wanting What They Need
"Waiting for enough people who are 'good enough' or who already posses or are available for true health and not just pain relief is a slow way to grow your practice and influence your community."

Metaphorically Speaking
"The most effective communicators have always used metaphors, parables, short stories, fairy tales, and other literary devices when communicating new ideas to the masses."

Doctor Or Mechanic
"At a recent convention I asked some of the doctors why they didn't educate their patients. The excuses and rationalizations surprised me."

The Language Of Chiropractic
"In the offices I've consulted, a doctor's personal and professional success seems related to their level of communication skills."

Maslow's Chiropractic
"For many of these patients, continuing their chiropractic care beyond the initial pain relief stage doesn't directly advance or contribute to the achievement of their security."

"Treating a lack of new patients medically, by treating its symptoms, would lead a doctor to squander time, money, and energy on everything from larger yellow page ads, mall shows, and free spinal exams to direct mail, giveaways, and bent pens!"

Adjustment Etiquette
"Fitting in and getting acclimated to chiropractic for a new patient can be as intimating as learning the worship rituals of a new church or learning how to act like an experienced pro when ordering wine at an expensive restaurant."

A Perception of Time
"How patients perceive time changes during the course of their care."

Seven Reasons Patients Don't Refer
"If growing a practice, like healing, is an inside job, it's necessary to look inside the practice for the cause(s) thwarting the natural referral process."

Beyond The Box On The Wall
"If all insurance coverage for chiropractic were eliminated tomorrow do you really think your fee structure would remain the same?"

Step By Step Disengagement
"The question is, do you have the courage to take the necessary steps not to end your dependency on insurance and assume responsibility for the future?"

Taking Responsibility
"The problem is most of us are unprepared or reluctant to assume responsibility for our actions."

The Magic Pill
"Those that are having the most fun in chiropractic recognize practice is a process, not a destination."

On Becoming A Coach
"No, the old dictatorial, authoritarian bedside manner of the past no longer works with the baby boom generation."

Chiropractic As A Performance
"An engaging tableside manner projects confidence and honors the patient's psychological needs."

Bedside Manners
"Your mission is to take the risk necessary to discover who you really are and make sure it is communicated to your patients."


Escaping The Cocoon
"Patients feel at ease and are more likely to trust someone who is perceived as open, available, and obviously committed to their chiropractic decision."

Disciplining The Doctor
"How uncomfortable does the status quo have to get before circumstances give you the discipline necessary to heal yourself?"

Chiropractic Wimp
"It's so convenient to blame your patients, your staff, your location, your scope of practice laws, insurance companies, or the winter storm, but the problem is really you."

Control and Management
"We can only control that which is less powerful than ourselves."

Addicted To Power
"Besides the fact that using power and control strategies with patients and staff members are so gratifying to our egos, the real problem is that they appear to work!"

Getting Respect
"While few people will tell you, if you want your patients to respect you, you have to start by respecting yourself."

Deciding To Decide
"You must decide to confront the sometimes ugly and sometimes embarrassing truth about you."

Dear Graduate
"If I had just graduate, passed the state boards, and was ready to open my own practice, here are some things I'd want to do to prime the pump and get things rolling."

Baseball and Commitment
"Suddenly I heard myself make the same argument I had heard from doctors at seminars, 'Yeah, but I don't need philosophy, I need to know what to do right now."

Killing Snakes
"Whether you're a front desk C.A. choreographing a spectacular Monday evening rush hour or a doctor writing a report, I hope you're doing it with 'killing snakes' intensity."

It's Your Fault
"One of the greatest challenges any consultant will tell you is to get the client to accept the advice and make a change."

Building Versus Growing
"What would you do if 20 new patients were milling around your front door next Monday morning when you drove up?"

If I Ran The Zoo
"If I ran a practice management firm (don't worry--I'm not interested!) and was sensitive to the pressures and cultural trends chiropractic is facing today, I'd do things a little differently."

Dangerous Opportunity
"Instead of using this great influx of patients consulting chiropractors as an opportunity to inspire and educate patients, it became expensive houses, polyester leisure suits, Rolex watches, and leveraged lifestyles."

The Decentralization of Chiropractic
"Simply doing more of what used to work is no guarantee of success in the future."

Low Tech Health in a High Tech World
"When you take up the anti-medicine cause, realize you're also taking up the anti-coffee, anti-sugar, anti-alcohol, anti-anything that is used as a drug."

Intelligent or Merely Smart?
"It is our intelligence that permits us to adapt to new places, new ideas, and adapt to new ways."

The Five Ingredients of a Wellness Practice
"I've discovered there are five basic reasons why most patients don't remain under wellness care after attaining relief care."

Beyond The Pinched Nerve
"The "pinched nerve" subluxation model of the past doesn't work like it used to."

Patient Education for the 1990s
"It takes more than great results to have a great practice."

Chiropractic Dentistry
"If chiropractic were to use the dentistry model as a cue for its own image revamping it would first have to adopt a long term vision of the future."

The Parable of the Two Trees
"Bigotry in any form divides, and prepares the soil for conquest."