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Making Change

Foreword by Bruce Bumgardner, D.C.
Introduction by Greg Stanley
Originally published 1995
240 Pages
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How to Hold a Birthday Party
Like many of the promotional efforts that chiropractors have devised over the years, the centennial is likely to become a "non-event" in the eyes of people who really matter to chiropractic: prospective patients.

Funnel Vision
When you adopt funnel vision principles, you look outside chiropractic to other professions, industries and businesses and adapt relevant approaches.

The Three Ways To Grow A Practice
"The fact is, there are only three ways to increase your take home pay in any business, whether it's a long distance telephone company, pizza parlor, or a chiropractic office."

"May I Ask What This Call is About?"
"Go where the prospective patients are. If I had to start a practice from scratch, here are some of the things I'd try:"

Attitude, Not Latitude
"The problem with moving your office is you take yourself with you. And while the grass seems greener, it still has to be mowed."

Dear Doctor
"Referring to another doctor is the logical extension of truly serving your patient."

Defogging Your Practice
"Giving a patient a `buffet' of choices and perspectives about chiropractic covers up the terrible truth that few doctors are clear about what they're offering their patients."

Making the Invisible Visible
"While it may be gratifying to get a patient's symptoms to disappear quickly, if you don't reveal your motives, intentions, training, experience, and thought processes, chiropractic may be perceived as merely a cheap parlor trick."

"But I'm The Doctor"
"The fact is patients control compliance. Patients control referrals. Patients control your practice volume. Patients control your office."

The 100% Wellness Practice
"These doctors refuse to consider patient drop out as a failure, but merely a temporary suspension of a process."

Rubber Band Patient Education
"I'm not suggesting a cruel game of cat and mouse, but to ignore your upper hand almost invites the frustration of poor compliance and lack of patient referrals that plague most offices."

Consumer Retorts
"Do you think that along with losing the antitrust lawsuit that the goals and objectives of annihilating chiropractic went away too?"

Making Chiropractic Valuable
"In a chiropractic setting it's tempting to lower fees and disregard the option of adding more value instead."

"What doctors interested in being included in whatever becomes the nation's health plan overlook, is that if chiropractic is included, Medicare will likely be the operational model."

Performance Anxiety
"Those who ignore the performance aspect of chiropractic find that if they lower their fees they simply lower their incomes."

Resisting the Urge
"Either you see this as an exciting opportunity, or you should be finalizing the floor plans of your yogurt stand or video rental store before the bottom drops out!"

Of Loaves and Fishes
"A lot of patients swear off chiropractic because they no longer get more than they paid for."

Assuming the Risk
"Since chiropractic results vary, we can't guarantee results, but we can guarantee your satisfaction."

Adjustments and the Cost of Strawberries
"Like fresh strawberries, outstanding balances are perishable commodities. Wait too long before getting them to market, and they spoil and become valueless."

Waiting For Hillary
"The process of self-handicapping is a way of rationalizing poor performance and letting oneself off the hook, and is especially helpful for someone who seemingly must sustain continued success at an equal or increasingly higher level.

Are You Responsible?
"At a time when the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are looking to the opportunities created by freedom and personal responsibility, we seem compelled to look to big government for security."

Working For Uncle Sam
"Let's not remove the financial incentive to develop new procedures and provide quality patient care. Let's encourage more personal responsibility."


National Health Care Revisited
"Socialized health care in a democracy presents many disturbing ambiguities."

The Only Hope For Unity
"Without patients, chiropractic would be irrelevant and be relegated to the book knowledge that crowds library shelves."

Socratic Chiropractic
"If you're interested in creating long term relationships with your patients, during the course of their care, start asking questions that can prompt them to a deeper understanding and appreciation of chiropractic."

Persuading Patients
"It can appear that you're retaining patients longer than you did in the past, when actually your whole practice is slowly eroding!"

The Fear of Failure
"When doctors care too much and try to protect their patients too much, they set themselves up to be misunderstood or disappointed when patients reject their good intentions."

When Patient Education Doesn't Work
"Your ability to bond with patients and connect with them on more than one or two levels is a major indicator of how responsive your patients will be to your recommendations."

I Have the Stuff, Where Are the Patients?
"With so much focus on the adjustment, office tools, forms, procedures, and report of findings scripts, one of the most important issues gets overlooked--the doctor."

Beyond the Biomechanical Model
"Patients must first acknowledge that their current way of describing health is flawed, before they will ever embrace your chiropractic world view."

Five Motives For Referring
"For the all the emphasis on referrals, few chiropractors have looked at the referral process from a patient's point of view."

An Empty Reception Room
"Perhaps the most confused, disoriented, and frustrated doctors I meet are those who are still clinging to the notion that excellent adjusting skills and swift symptomatic relief is the key to growing a practice."

How, Not What
"It may not be so much what you say, but how you say it."

The Christmas Tree Practice
"Like an archeological dig at an ancient ruin, the practice can be dissected in layers, documenting like rings of a tree, what seminar, speaker, or salesman has swayed the doctor's thinking (and pocketbook) over the years."

The Empty Reception Room Personality Disorder
"Like the Physicians Desk Reference that lists the side effects and contraindications of various drugs, there are at least four major personality traits that stand in the way of patients embracing a long term relationship with you, your office, and chiropractic."

The Fear of Flying
"Lying to ourselves is among the most profoundest of lies."

Junk Food Motivation
"Almost every problem is a personal-world-view-self-esteem-vision-communication problem. Problems whose cause, and realistic solutions, are rarely the subject of even the most comprehensive two-day weekend gathering in the ballroom of the Hyatt Hotel."

Buying Discipline
"As with any form of symptom treating, it's tempting to look for outside-in solutions. That's why signing up for a practice management group almost seems to make sense."

The Muscle Powered Practice
"Ironically, the disbelief and need for research many new doctors secretly harbor for their new profession, impairs their ability to get the results they so desperately want."

Why I Don't Watch
"Maybe after working in advertising agencies and film production companies, I've become too adroit at seeing through the incredible Manipulation Machine."

The Passionate Practice
"Taking a stand is risky. That's why so few do it. Which is why so few enjoy the passion it returns."

Politically Incorrect
"Doctors indignant that they have to do things `beneath them' such as create a realistic fee system, run on time, have a contemporary office, and basically give patients what they want, should retire now."

The Process of Elimination
"Now that chiropractic had been contained, the only thing that remained, was for it to be eliminated."