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Looking Up

Foreword by Rob Jackson, D.C.
Introduction by Ngaire Cannon
Originally published 1998
240 Pages
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Why I'm Optimistic
As always, practitioners who can communicate, bond and build meaningful relationships with their patients will have the strongest immune system to weather the battles the lie ahead.

Managed Care is Here--Now What?
Chiropractors who are the most disrespectful of chiropractic are the ones who find it most difficult to imagine patients could, would or should pay for chiropractic out of their own pockets.

Pre-existing Conditions
"What troubles an increasing number of chiropractors is their limited ability to get patients to value true health."

Assumption Injunction
"Basing your procedures and policies on these assumptions can thwart the influence and blunt the impact of your practice."

What Would You Do?
"A frequent question is about my perspective on the ideal first visit protocol."

How To Change The World
"Few other aspects define a practice as the interest in, and the success with, modifying a patient's activities counterproductive to their long-term health."

The Counterfeit Practice
"If you acknowledge that something seems missing, practice is an uphill battle, or you're suffering other symptoms of an unexamined life, here are some action steps to help advance your journey towards the next signpost."

The Halo Effect
"The halo effect plays a key role in the production of patient referrals."

Crime And Punishment
"The most likely explanation for a busy practice these days is that they must be doing something illegal, unethical, or both."

The Empty Scepter
"When it comes to the doctor/patient relationship, there is probably no area of greater confusion than in who is the master and who is the servant."

Changing Patient Behavior
You'd think that the high success rate of alleviating the short-term concerns of patients would result in thousands of satisfied and fulfilled chiropractors."

Corpuscles Versus Impulses
"Most patients place a greater value on the fluids that circulate in their veins and arteries, than the impulses that ply their nervous system."

That Was Then. This Is Now.
"In retrospect, it may have been a big mistake to belly up to the allopathic pursestring holders, but little can be done about that now."

What To Worry About
"Based upon my experience, here's what new and student doctors should be worrying about."

We're Different
"If you want a healthier practice, that is more fun, and attracts the kinds of patients most enjoyable to server, rethinking the social contract you establish with your patients may be in order."

New Software
"Perhaps by reviewing the capabilities of the newest version, you might want to reconsider a software upgrade."

The Process Of Disappointment
"What many chiropractors encounter is the realization that their patients are outcome-oriented while they themselves are process-oriented."

Lifetime Warranty
"What confounds many chiropractors are patients that discontinue care once they feel better."

Confessions Of A Chiropractic Fascist
"Whenever someone approaches me with a catchy phrase or drops an ambiguous idea while projecting the attitude that I should intuitively understand what they're talking about, I perk up my ears."

What Patients Really Want
"Since many chiropractors are more anxious to give patients what they need instead of what they want, the following suggestions may fall on deaf ears."

Are You Ready?
"When your future patients realize the lie of the medical model, will you be ready?

The Tip Of The Iceberg
"If your patients asked better questions about their health, they would embrace chiropractic more passionately and be the referral ambassadors of your practice that you could only dream of."


Sitting On A Gold Mine
"Because of the crude methods originally employed almost a century ago to separate the gold from its ore, many believe that there may be as much or even more gold still remaining in the tailings left behind."

Mind The Gap
"This separation insulates the parties and confounds the doctor's efforts to influence the behavior of their patients."

Attracting Irresponsible Patients
"In many not-so-subtle ways, patient care degenerates into reimbursement management."

The Seed Or The Soil
"If patients are the seeds that cause a practice to flourish and prosper, then it is the office, staff, leadership and intentions (the practice) that constitute the soil."

Less Fear
"Apparently, the predictably bad is more attractive than the hope of something different."

Helping Patients Connect
"Most patients have disconnected their brains from their bodies."

Cause Or Symptom?
"Even though you may have not thought of it like this, patient behavior is a symptom."

Honorable Intentions
"When you accept a new patient, what are your intentions?"

Palmer West Commencement Speech
"Knowingly, or unknowingly, and whether you want to or not, you are a player in this sweeping opera whose outcome has not yet been written-for you will help write it."

The Second Right Answer
"Your answer not only dictates a potential outcome that can serve to nurture and affirm your career choice, or sentence you to a mind numbing series of interchanges that can result in doubt and frustration."

5% Dead And Loving It
"Since few patients want optimum health, at least help them recognize that they may be 5% or 10% dead!"

I Was Wrong
"I don't want to be critical or anything, but did you know that you contradict yourself in your books?"

How To Have 100% Patient Compliance
"If you've had difficulty getting patients to do what's in their best interests, consider some of the following techniques to increase patient compliance."

New Patient Season
"The offices that are continuing to thrive in these changing times are good at sowing."

The Most Important Lesson Of All
"Double and triple rated municipal bonds may be a relatively safe and conservative financial investment, but effective patient education delivers a return on your practice of even greater significance."

Chiropractic Treason
"Like prisoners of war who soon see their captors as their lifeline to survival, many chiropractors conveniently overlook the fact that they are no longer practicing chiropractic."

The Default Setting
"As a taxpaying chiropractic advocate my earlier affirmation turned to shame and embarrassment."

Idealism Versus Pragmatism
"In fact, the idealistic dogmatism that fuels the most passionate, principled chiropractor, appears to the pragmatist as a practice de-building approach!"

Scolding Patients
"When patients have the occasion to mention a symptom, many chiropractors bristle and use words, body language, or both to give patients the equivalent of a swat on the side of the head with a rolled up newspaper."

Dear Burnie
"Your e-mail about the challenges a brand new practitioner has in getting new patients is a common one. Here's my latest thinking on the subject."

Is Maintenance Care Wellness?
"Perhaps debating this issue provides sufficient distraction from the painful fact that most patients reject post-symptomatic care, regardless of what it's called."

When Doctors Are Hurting
"Many chiropractors who are floundering, just getting by, or on the ropes waiting to be put out of their misery, lack conviction."