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Chiropractic Books and Books for Chiropractors

Chiropractic books from Patient Media are books written by chiropractic patient and advocate William Esteb. His chiropractic books are filled with provocative insights and practical action steps. These aren't the dreary books you read in chiropractic college! Get your highlighter out. These are the books that will help you build a better practice. Guaranteed!


A Patient's Point of View Book
The classic foundation of the patient's-point-of-view book series.


My Report of Findings Book

Sorry, currently out of print.


Beyond Results Book
Practical action steps to move your patients toward wellness care.


Making Change Book
Do you change patients? Should you? How could you? Find out!


Chiropractic Patientology Book
How are you communicating with today's visually-oriented patient?


Striking a Nerve Book
Find the soft, tender areas and enjoy a motivational kick in the pants.


Looking Up Book
An optimistic look into the future of chiropractic from an excited patient.


What a Patient Wants Book
The book Bill wrote during his reinvention and starting over with Patient Media!


Connecting the Dots Book
The nineth installment in the valuable patient's point of view series.


Adjusting Book
The most recent installment in the valuable patient's point of view book series.

Patients Point of View
9 Book Set

Even if you're not a "reader," you'll devour the "patient's point of view" book series.


Bill's Best
Not a book reader? No problemo. Bill reads his favorite nine chapters from each book in the 10 book series.


Chiropractic Patient Letters Book
50 Essential letter templates for every occasion you'd send a patient letter--prewritten.


101 Things to Do Between Patients Book
101 practice building ideas for those rhythm-breaking gaps between patients.


What Every Chiropractic Assistant Should Know
Bring new staff members up-to-speed quickly with this 48-page booklet.


How to Get Onto the Speaking Calendars of Schools and Businesses
This unique e-Book gives you the words and techniques to get more speaking gigs.

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