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Chiropractic Patientology

Foreword by Malik Slosberg, D.C.
Introduction by Fred Barge, D.C.
Originally published 1996
240 Pages
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Dear Dr. Brown
I'm sure by now you've realized that I've decided to stop receiving chiropractic care in your office.

The Perfect Staff
Besides the ability to adjust patients, there may be no other more important aspect of practice than nurturing a great staff.

Risky Business
"To the millions of prospective patients who could likely benefit from chiropractic care, they choose not to, because of the perceived risks."

Organ Poker
"The fact is, most patients value their spines considerably less than other organs and systems of their bodies."

Chiropractic Oversimplified
"Patients who are fed the pabulum of `bones pinching nerves' are shortchanged. They are given merely a thumbnail sketch of their problem, so they don't see the significance of chiropractic care."

Pushing Or Pulling?
"So while they got the outcome they wanted, they didn't get the commensurate emotional satisfaction usually due someone whose independent decision results in good fortune."

Spinal Flossing
"What is it that prompts one patient to  religiously floss his or her teeth, and another to ignore this inexpensive self-care procedure?"

Out Of Control
"While countless doctors rationalize that they're simply looking out for the best interests of the patient, they are unknowingly committing a cardinal sin."

Prep School
"If I was cooling my heels after enduring a long commencement exercise and storing my cap and gown, here are some things I'd do."

Enter To Learn How
"Perhaps worse than the bias against various adjusting techniques or the reputation assigned by attending a particular chiropractic college, is the horrendous debt doctors graduate with."
"Sooner or later, each practitioner will be forced to make a simple decision: am I a six-visit, symptom-relief-only chiropractor, or am I a chiropractic-lifestyle chiropractor?"

Where Have All The Patients Gone?
"When you're through grieving over what you should've, could've, would've done, pick a few of these action steps and get to work!"

Empty Calories
"Like the empty calories of junk food and the lack of nutrition and `staying power' that more wholesome foods contain, many chiropractic doctors aren't reading the nutrition labels on their HMO contracts."

Committing Suicide
"Some will self-inflict their wounds so they can retire from the front lines. Others will commit professional suicide by devoting energies to other off-purpose pursuits."

Fair Weather Philosophy
"Do you have the courage, self-confidence, and focus to confront the real cause of the challenges facing you and your practice?"

Living Off Table Scraps
"If you're already entangled in managed care or contemplating taking the plunge, here are some things to consider."

Competing Against Managed Care
"If your competitor is selling on price (such as managed care seems to be doing), then they almost always have to concede speed or quality."

Joining Up
"Most of the problems that chiropractors face have little to do with chiropractic."

How Much Should I Charge?
"Before you start tinkering with your fee structure, you need to know how much it costs you to deliver an adjustment."

Pay Now Or Pay Later
"After all, learning that you'll be working harder-for less money, isn't pretty."

Course Corrections
"The fact is, you had a promotion, not a practice; an acute care center, not a health care facility; you were treating a policy, not a patient."

Walking The Line
"Sure, there may be more prestige and importance attached to being a doctor than, say, a waitress, brick layer, or an insurance salesman, but in the end, all are service providers. Servants."

The Master And The Servant
"Apparently, servants are expected to nurture, enlarge, and improve that which they have been given custody.



Talk Walking
"In the same way children learn by example, so do many patients."

The One Night Stand
"The passion has evaporated into dull, routine visits. You've lost interest. Anyway, there's someone new in your life. It's a low back case with some interesting systemic problems..."

Early Warning System
"Health attitudes are slow to change, but they do change. They are easier to create in children, than change in adults."

You Were Right!
"What's more important, your job as a chiropractor or that millions more who might receive an approximation of what you do through medical outlets."

Patient Testing
"Only problem is, the tests we take in real life rarely supply multiple choice answers."

New Patient Sonar
"Today, as a communicator, I'm especially interested in the way submarines communicate and navigate the murky depths of the sunless oceans. A situation not unlike doctors who encounter a new patient."

Whips And Carrots
"It's been observed that each of us is motivated to action by either one of two reasons: to obtain a reward or to avoid a punishment."

Talk Is Cheap
"Apparently, the universe puts little value on things which are so abundant, such as sand, opinions, and especially words. Which is why most oral efforts at educating patients produce such dismal results."

But I Don't Treat Symptoms
"Now please remember, we don't paint houses. We colorize them."

Philosophical Camouflage
"Remember, it's not what you do, it's who you are."

Belief Before Action
"The dirty little secret about practice management is that there are no secret handshakes, scripts, or brass lamp rubbing procedures, that when implemented, result in `through the roof' success for every doctor."

Why Ask Why?
"Most doctors have adopted procedures, implemented patient protocols, and have tried to adhere to policies that have not been put to the `why' test."

An Accident Waiting To Happen
"Recognizing that everything has a cause is something that few people learn until later in life, and sometimes not even then."

Designer Jeans For The Blind
"Doctors who are making the greatest impact in their communities and having the most fun, don't need more validation than the experience they receive every day in their own practices."

On Common Ground 
"For those who need research, there will never be enough. Those who have never seen a miracle, probably won't."

Lurking Through Life
"Because this passive behavior is so common, these voyeurs have a name. In cyberspace parlance, these people are called lurkers."

Just Say No
"Others apparently seek ways to blur the distinction between medicine and chiropractic in the hopes of gaining acceptance, validation, or income."

Are We Drugless Or Not?
"Certainly we all want to be liked and it's not a crime to desire acceptance, but attempting to expand the scope of practice or sell out chiropractic to short term `me-tooism' has fatal consequences."

Creating Your Dream Practice
"If you're not thinking; if you're numbing yourself with television or some other distraction, take the first step necessary to relaunch your practice by taking a vacation... from your TV set."

Be Careful!
"Been doing any soaring recently?"

Three Clues
"To get a glimpse of the future of chiropractic, have a look back to the pre-insurance equality days of the 1960s for clues."

Preaching To The Choir
"Chiropractic has little chance of assuming its rightful place until the petty turf wars of technique, philosophy, practice style, procedure, and other details are replaced by an agreement of the highest purposes of chiropractic."

Half Empty Or Half Full?
"Even in the light of missed opportunities and the 20/20 vision afforded by hindsight, I remain optimistic about the future of the profession. And here's why."