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Beyond Results

Foreword by John Whitney, D.C.
Introduction by Mark Victor Hanson
Originally published 1995
240 Pages
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The New, New Patient
The fact is, today's new patient is very different from the typical new patient showing up in chiropractic offices just five or six years ago.

How to Pick a Real Chiropractor
With what I know today, here are few guidelines I'd use to find a new chiropractor, or advice I'd give someone considering beginning care. Would your office qualify?

A New Patient's Greatest Concerns
"Patients work hard to cover up their feelings of being alone and frightened."

What Patients Expect
"Here are some issues worth considering as you evaluate your first visit protocol, in light of being more sensitive to your new patients' expectations."

Validating The Patient
"Here are some ideas to help new patients feel more at home and validate their decision to consult your office."

Justifying Decisions
"Patients make their initial decision to consult your office based on a feeling. Patient education offers the facts on which to justify their decision to consult your office."

Do Patients Get It?
"When the office and its policies are consistent, fair, and affirm the patient's self-respect, they naturally create a healing environment that is attractive."

Revealing One's Chiropractic Identity
"Here are some observations and specific action steps you might take to increase the likelihood that your patients will be ready, willing, and able to tell others about your office."

Extraordinary Patient Care
"There are no shortcuts. You have already implemented all the easy ways to grow your practice."

The Music of Healing
"Music is an opportunity to take an active role in shaping the tone of your office."

Making Chiropractic Valuable
"Just about everyone can afford chiropractic care, it's just that they value their annual ski weekends to Colorado or driving a late model car even more."

Converting The PI Practice
"Many doctors are hedging their bets and are beginning to convert their practices over to more of a cash-paying family practice."

Three Questions
"Consider adding several multiple choice questions to your admitting paperwork as a way of helping patients reveal their preferred communication modality."

Tuning In
When patients say everything's fine, it is a cover-up phrase used to say I'm-not-willing-to-talk-about-anything-right-now or at best, it suggests that their minimal expectations are just being met."

What's New
"Here are the newest and most exciting trends I see for the future."

Inside Out
"Most of us find a pattern of interacting with the world around us that gets us what we want, and we attempt to repeat this pattern indefinitely."

Ten Excuses
"Those quickest for blaming issues outside their control as the reason for their problems, refer to certain factors. Here's their Top 10 excuses."

Five Fears
"The doctors I've talked to keep bumping up against five major fears facing their practices today."

The Problem With Mall Shows
"I'm either going to become a mall-show-new-patient whore or get an AK-47 and go berserk, said a doctor with quiet resolve on the phone the other day."

Taking The Risk
"When the smoke clears, there are only about seven sources of new patients. Which ones are you using?"

The Peaceable Kingdom
"With chiropractic philosophy missing from most schools these days, the decision between the ability to pay back school loans by being an employee of a medical doctor, versus the more challenging fears of starting up one's own practice, will be an easy choice for all too many."


The Buddy System
"A mentor relationship contains certain key elements."

The Bigotry of Big
"Automatically thinking large volume practitioners are providing slipshod care, are only in it for the money, or must be doing something illegal, immoral, or unethical, are the same type of knee jerk reactions you see in racists."

Pattern Recognition
"The same skill we use to get the results we want, puts us in a rut."

Rush Hour Dogma
"The ability to master the hours of peak demand dictate the impact your office will have in your community."

The Man In The Moon
"Without milestones, and a sense of measurable progress, many patients give up or remain uninspired to pursue a doctor's lofty recommendations."

The Twelfth Visit
"If this crucial visit isn't handled properly, patient compliance suffers and the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle are rarely enjoyed by patients."

Four Patient Education Fallacies
"If you take your responsibility as a teacher seriously, you have a professional obligation to educate your patients."

Getting Through To Patients
"What new doctors learn upon graduation as they begin their real education at the School of Hard Knocks, is that getting patients well is the easy part."

In Pursuit of Passion
"Besides sabotaging compliance, a lack of passion interferes with the healing process."

Discretionary Energy
"Staff members decide if their additional energy reserves will be used in the service of patients, or taken home to a hobby, to the bowling alley, or squandered in front of the TV set."

Deep Ruts
"It may be time to reevaluate the path you've chosen. Is it taking you where you want to go?"

Patient Gardening
"The harvest is a direct reflection of the seed. The garden is a reflection of the gardener. What are you growing in your office?"

In Search of Water
"The third-party payer water table is dropping."

No Brakes
"Is your practice on fire, or is that just your brakes I smell?"

Shop and Compare
"Anticipating, acknowledging, or pointing out these obvious and sometimes subtle comparative differences can enhance patient rapport."

Wish You Were Here
"Has your recall program ever created a chiropractic client?"

Creating Tangible Artifacts
"Evaluate your current office brochure or your need to create one by these four criteria."

The Business of Business Cards
"While it may be just a small, rectangular piece of paper, a business card can be a powerful tool for growing your practice."

Do You Believe?
"The future of chiropractic is better assured by separating chiropractic from the medical arts."

The Advantages of Unity
"It's amazing chiropractic has survived as long as it has, considering this lack of consensus."

Are Cheeseburgers Hamburgers?
"The more we try to be like the big dog, the less patients will have a reason to seek us out."