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Free Bonus Chiropractic Patient Letters


These are additional chiropractic letters that aren't included in our 50 Patient Letters product. Some have a marketing slant, and several are designed to be sent to other professionals and non-patients. Copy, paste, edit and use as you see fit.

Our gift to you, use these free letter samples to grow your practice!

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Health History Cover Letter

This is a great way to answer a question that many patients wonder about, but rarely ask: why did you become a chiropractor? Use this sample to guide the creation of your own admitting paperwork cover letter.

Forgiving Outstanding Balance Letter

If you're sitting on some receivables that you're unlikely to collect, forgive the debt and at least get some marketing traction from it! Great for sending at the end of the year.

Been to a Chiropractor Before Letter

Ever learn about someone who had a negative chiropractic experience? Here's a letter that might help win over a skeptic.

No Longer Taking Assignment Letter

Originally crafted for our Converting to Cash program, here's a way of introducing your new policy of no longer accepting assignment.

Welcome Wagon Letter

The Welcome Wagon is still active in some communities. If you get a list of new homeowners in your area, you might want to send this letter along with a copy of our Answers Brochure.

Have Me Speak to Your Group Letter

Public speaking is a powerful way to introduce chiropractic principles to your community. This is just a taste of some great information that Dr. Jennifer Honor has put together in her eBook.

Auto Accident Letter

Some chiropractors have access to lists of recent motor vehicle accident reports. If so, you may find this approach helpful.

Health Food Store Referral Letter

People who care about their health enough to shop at the local health food store are people you'll want to know. Here's a letter of introduction to get you started.

Pediatrician Referral Letter

The first step to enjoying a constant stream of medical doctor referrals is to get to know a few! Here's a letter to break the ice and begin the process of becoming familiar.

Lawyer Referral Letter

If you'd like to see more personal injury cases, you need to befriend some people in your community who specialize in this sort of thing. You could begin by sending a letter like this one.

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