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Foreword by Dr. Lou Jenik
Introduction by Lawrence Markson, D.C.
Published in 2008
240 Pages
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Are You Sure?
“Besides effective communication skills, practitioner certainty may be one of the most overlooked qualities of what we call success.”

New Patients Simplified
“Most offices have a patient-keeping problem, not a patient-getting problem.”

The I’m-Just-Looking Patient
“These days, you are increasingly confronted by chiropractic shoppers - people whom you could probably help, but because they rely so heavily on someone else paying for your care, aren’t qualified customers (patients).”

For or Against?
“Attempting to prevail by being against anyone or anything doesn’t work. Being against, merely animates and gives credence to that which you are opposing!”

How I Became a Chiropractic Advocate
“Like most of the population (even today), I didn’t know anything about chiropractic. I’d heard stories. I had a negative association with chiropractic, but I couldn’t tell you why.”

The Symptom-Focused Practice
“Reducing chiropractic to symptom-treating that insurance companies understand was understandable. In the 1980s and 1990s, that’s where the money was.”

Good Will Hunting
“If all those bulging inactive files are insurance cases who discontinued care once their benefits ran out, there is very little “good will” to buy.”

Four Subluxations
“Imagine the conflict that must be created in those who still don’t believe there is sufficient proof that subluxations even exist, to learn that there may be as many as four different types!”

Going Spineless
“Imagine a chiropractic office in which there isn’t a single picture, illustration, anatomical model or X-ray depicting a human spine in plain sight. Crazy?”

The Two Types of Care
“When the dust settles, patients understand two types of care: symptom care and nonsymptom care.”

How Much Do You Owe?
“The potential return on your investment from a chiropractic college education is enormous. The only reason you would allow your investment strategy to distract you is the fear (the result of doubt) of being unable to pay it back.”

The Chiropractor in the Mirror
“The “fake-it-until-you-make-it” strategy is mechanistic, difficult to sustain and ultimately, it doesn’t work. And like all “outside-in” quick fixes, whether they are drugs or advertising, they must be continually fueled to sustain the illusion.”

Finding Your Tribe
“Regardless of your skill or reputation, some patients will prefer the associate down the street. That’s his tribe. You must attract, cultivate and nurture your own.”

Are You Toast?
“I consider both of my bouts with burnout to be so precious I’m inclined not to deny anyone the experience. If you’re already charred or crispy around the edges, hang in there!”

Do You Care Too Much?
“Caring about a patient’s health more than they do is an unhealthy co-dependency that sets you up for burnout. How can you tell if you care too much?”

Why Do You Want to Be a Chiropractor?
“Strip away the emotion, the philosophy, the “big idea,” and the do-gooder mentality of helping those who are hurting, and you have a small business.”

Chiropractic As a Diet
“Here are some suggestions. They may not convert a dieter, but at least you’ll have a clear conscience, knowing that you did your best with the modest amount of influence you have.”

A Bird in the Hand
“Ask most chiropractors what would solve their financial woes and the answer is: more new patients. What’s so astonishing is that if asked the same question 100 new patients ago, they would have answered the exact same way.”

The Truth Is…
“These and countless other untruths provide the access points that fuel the fear that many chiropractors experience these days.”

Who’s Showing Up For You?
“You’ve attracted the patients that show up in your practice. You’ve attracted them directly or indirectly by your location, results, personality, fees, hours, accessibility, “tableside” manner and the expectations you communicate to them.”

How to Domesticate a Chiropractor
“It’s hard to find many purebred chiropractors anymore. Many have passed on or retired. Others have been defanged, domesticated, housebroken and turned into docile therapists.”

Patient Education 2.0
“What if it wasn’t the words you used that persuaded patients, but your body language?”

Reporting As Storytelling
“Take an inventory of the stories you know and start using them. Chances are you have countless examples that can more powerfully connect you with patients than the recitation of facts, figures and recommendations for care.”

The Four Stories
“Everything around us revolves around storytelling. Turns out, some of the busiest chiropractors are excellent storytellers.”

Missed Appointments: The Long Answer
“Missed appointments are merely symptoms. Ferreting out the correct meaning of the symptom not only varies from patient to patient, but from office to office.”


Voting With Their Feet
“You got yourself into this little mess. And you’re the one who will get yourself out of it. Fortunately, the only thing that’s really happened is your community has voted with their feet.”

The Chiropractor Patients Love Telling Others About “If you think patient referrals come solely from the great results that chiropractic is famous for producing, then you’re simply not enjoying the new patient referrals you deserve.”

The Obstacle Course
“Ask most chiropractors how much of their schooling they use in day-to-day practice and the percentage is usually in the single digit range.”

Sugar, Pork Bellies and Coffee
“If you’re relegated to being a commodity (an adjustment is an adjustment is an adjustment) the only thing that distinguishes you are symptomatic results (can you do it in six visits or less?) or price.”

Spider or Ant?
“Many chiropractors fail to realize that they are first a small business, with the need to attract and keep customers like any other small business.”

Wake Up Rip!
“If you’re a bit disoriented because things that used to work now aren’t, you’re feeling a bit like Rip Van Winkle, waking up after a 20-year sleep.”

Offense or Defense?
“Chances are you’ve changed your mindset from playing offense, ‘the-world-is-my-oyster’ to defense, ‘I-better-protect-what-I-have.’ Patients can sense when you change sides like that.”

Why We Can’t Get Along
“Your inclination to keep your head down and use sloppy language, while ignoring its implications, not only blunts the impact of what you do, but your carelessness jeopardizes the profession!”

Mickey Mantle Motivation
“If patients get one whiff of a “healthier than thou” attitude, you’re toast. And, this is because of two emotions that are rarely discussed in the context of doctor/patient relationships.”

Why Patients Leave
“So, don’t beat yourself up when patients opt out. It probably has little to do with anything you can control.”

Is Handing Out Brochures Selfish?
“You beast you, preying upon poor, defenseless patients to do your bidding and grow your practice. How could you? You selfish pile of excrement!”

Are You Addicted to New Patients?
“More new patients will not solve your problems, especially if you treat your next crop of new patients as you have the ones before.”

The Key or the Car?
“Confronting the patient like a child who has neglected a household chore is, well, unbecoming. Investing all that attention in someone who doesn’t want to be in your practice is fruitless.”

What Does an Adjustment Do?
“There’s little that’s more important than being clear about what an adjustment is, what it does, what it doesn’t do and what your intention is when you deliver one.”

Where Did All the Chiropractors Go?
“There may be too many DCs. But there are far too few chiropractors.”

Are You an Evangelist?
“Apparently, the worst pejorative that can be hurled at those who consider chiropractic as more than just a mechanical treatment for certain cases of neck and pack pain is to call them a ‘chiroevangelist.’”

Heal Thyself
“ The most common shortcomings among chiropractors have nothing to do with the physical dimension. They’re usually the mental, emotional and social aspects of better health.”

Do You Hog the Ball?
“The more words you speak, the less valuable (and less potent) your words become. Chatterboxes who mint words with abandon are seen as less powerful—little people.”

Let’s Get Small
“Why are so many willing to reduce chiropractic to a localized therapy to improve spinal biomechanics?”

Terms of Commitment
“At first glance, it appears that the patient is onboard. But dig deeper and you’ll find one important word missing from all of the patient responses.”

Is an Adjustment a Treatment?
“Since the words we use reveal our heart, our intention and our worldview, using the word “treatment” in lieu of “care,” or even “adjust,” could be a telltale sign of one or more of these errors:”

Is This Payback Time?
“Today, after sowing the seeds of disdain and because of their lack of respect for their patients all those years, many chiropractors are reaping reduced patient volume.”

The Art of Chiropractic
“If you do the same thing, every time, with each patient, there’s no art in your chiropractic.”

Undoing 20 Years of Bad Advice
“Here are some of the most revealing, self-sabotaging examples that dry up reactivations and suppress referrals from what otherwise could have been delighted patients:”