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50 Chiropractic Patient Letter Templates


Chiropractic patient letters that get you paid, raise prices, stimulate referrals and motivate patients.

Here are 50 must-have chiropractic letter templates that cover just about every situation in which a letter from you could motivate, comfort, assure or persuade a patient. These are concise, one-page patient letters written with laser-beam focus.

Inspire, lead and reassure your patients by sending these concise, one-page chiropractic letters. Our 50 letter templates do the work for you!

Written by master chiropractic communicator William Esteb, you and your team will use these letters again and again to welcome new patients, improve collections, increase reactivations, raise your fees, change your hours and enjoy better compliance.

All 50 patient letters are included on a CD as simple text files so they don't have to be retyped. Simply copy the letter files to a folder on your computer, edit and format with your favorite word processor so they look good on your letterhead. (Directions included.) Print. Sign. Send. Motivate. Easy!

Essential Chiropractic Patient Letter Templates:

Great to Meet You Letter Congratulations Starting Care Letter
I'm a New Doctor in the Area Letter Didn't Return to See X-rays Letter
Didn't Show Up After Screening Letter After First Adjustment Letter
Why We Don't Belong to Your HMO Letter Please Refer Others Letter
Letter to Patient's Spouse Not Getting Results Letter
Not Keeping Appointments Letter Sorry About the Wait Letter
Insurance Co Denied Coverage Letter Progress Exam Letter
Patient Appreciation Invite Letter Dismissal Letter  
Reactivation Letter Annual Checkup Letter
Inactive Apology Letter Thanks for the Referral Letter
New Year's Resolution 1 Letter Collections Letter
New Year's Resolution 2 Letter We're Changing Our Hours Letter

Plus 26 other helpful chiropractic patient letters!

Free Bonus Letters! Great gift idea for new chiropractors!

50 Patient Letters
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