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Posted by William Esteb on

Many people I talk to these days observe that they’ve never seen circumstances so shaken and unsettled. Between the elections and the growing bifurcation of the country, as well North Korea, extreme weather events, Barcelona, the stock market at nosebleed levels, uncertainty about health-care reform and taxes, many people are on adrenal overload.

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex, especially if you have the habit of keeping up with the talking heads on cable news programs or watching the newsfeed on your smartphone.

Since so many people depend on you to be the rock, the go-to person with common sense, it might be helpful to remind yourself of some simple truths to recalibrate your state of mind.

1. Remember, you stand for truth. Simply fooling the body with a drug so patients can’t feel their symptoms is not health care. It may be called that, but it’s a lie. The current opiate crisis is simply the most recent manifestation of this bankrupt idea. History is on your side. Sure, the superficial pain relief faction still avoids critical thinking, but there is a growing contingency that “gets” sustainability. There is freedom in standing on the side of truth. It may not make it any easier today, but in the end, the truth always wins out.

2. Remember, you purposely chose the hard, narrow, difficult path. Did you think chiropractic would assume its rightful place by you simply showing up day after day to help your patients? Okay, it’s taking longer than you thought. But you knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Just remember, when millions of people believe in a bad idea, it’s still a bad idea. The crowd generally falls for the path of least resistance, instant gratification and lowest common denominator. But that’s not you.

3. Remember, your mission is to find your unique tribe that resonates with you and your worldview. You can’t win over everyone, so you might as well stop trying. Instead, your job is to raise your flag tall enough and proudly enough so your tribe can find you. Now is the time to make a ruckus and be a little outspoken. Maybe even politically incorrect. When you do, as Dr. Seuss observed, “those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

4. Remember, the only thing that’s sure is change. So get used to it. Because it’s likely to accelerate. Thankfully, the principles of chiropractic haven’t changed and won’t. Sure, how to apply it, communicate it and practice it have evolved over the years; but the body still heals the same way—from the inside out. That’s not going to change. That’s why you can afford to be Steady Eddy, offering hope and optimism to those who are lost and unsettled.

5. Remember, keep an eye on expenses. Granted, you can’t save yourself into success and penny-pinching isn’t the key to victory, but spending like it’s 1999 has to change. Put every expense to the test: will this help me get and keep more patients? Just make sure you don’t make the classic small-business mistake of cutting your marketing and communication costs. This is the time to double down on your investment in your website, practice promotion and patient education.

6. Remember, there is certainty when you’re in action. So get into action! Try something new. Stop resisting change. Ask more questions. Listen. Waiting for a clearer picture merely causes a loss of critical momentum. Be decisive. Trust your instinct. Your gut is rarely wrong.

7. Remember, get ready for success. While others imagine that the world is ending, lay the groundwork for the success you can visualize in your mind. That means cleaning out closets and drawers and the clutter that prevents success from flowing to you. Clean up your files, organize your resources and lay the preparation for those patients who will be manifesting in the weeks and months ahead. Create a vacuum—and then fill it.

Those are the seven points I needed to be reminded of. Perhaps they will be helpful to you as well. Let me know.

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