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New Patient Mojo Episode 20

Abstract: Not all inactive patients are created equal. Create a plan to contact your inactives on a systematic basis so you maintain your connection during the dormant phase of their chiropractic care. Even more important is to avoid the most common mistake of small business owners that produce the classic “roller coaster” practice. 6:06

Tags: inactive patients, reactivations, top-of-mind awareness, practice management software, borderline patients, birthday cards, New Year’s resolution, feast or famine, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 19

Abstract: Probably the easiest, most likely source of new patients is to cultivate reactivations. Yet, many practitioners shun this ready supply of new patients in favor of pursuing total strangers. Assume the headspace necessary to increase reactivations and create an emotionally safe environment which inactives require before returning to your practice. 6:37

Tags: reactivations, fixing patients, I-told-you-so, chiropractic virgins, dormant, Beating the House, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 18

Abstract: One of the ways to reduce your dependency on new patients is to improve patient retention. This can start at the consultation by being mindful of the four ways of framing chiropractic to patients and uncovering their Mount Everest. Then, link what they want with what you offer. In other words, help patients look beyond their spine and dream a bigger dream. 4:52

Tags: Mount Everest, four stories, Symptom Story, Bone Story, Nerve Story, Quality of Life Story, Star Trek, Netflix, Machu Picchu, Ted Kennedy, Roger Mudd, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 17

Abstract: One of the overlooked aspects of getting and keeping new patients is to establish clear boundaries—what the patient is responsible for and what you’re responsible for. If you don’t set the appropriate “rules of engagement” you’re likely to be subjected to some else’s boundary setting: the patients! Discover that, unlike medicine, chiropractic patients carry most of the burden. 7:15

Tags: new patients, boundaries, rules of engagement, heroic healer, consultation, secondary gains, credit card debt, 10 Ways to Help Us Help You, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 16

Abstract: A new patient walks in the door to your practice. Now what? Discover the four purposes of the first visit and why the consultation is more important than your report of findings. Here’s a sample of the paperwork coversheet. Your consultation is about listening, yet many of us confuse hearing with listening. Put the four components of effective listening to work in your next consultation. 7:02

Tags: office tour, consultation, neuromechanical, coversheet, listening, hearing, being present, showing up empty, reloading, patient education supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 15

Abstract: Far too much emphasis is placed on the script used to answer the telephone. The real gatekeeper of your practice is at the front desk! Here are the seven principles to keep in mind as you evaluate how your telephone is being answered. Do you have the right person at the front desk? Are new patients an interuption? Do new patients mean more work? 7:59

Tags: gatekeeper, answering telephone, telephone script, first impression, last impression, chiropractic staff training, set point, healing at the front desk, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 14

Abstract: Before getting too excited about all the things you can do to get new patients, you’ll want to take an inventory of your current practice and its shortcomings. In other words, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Learn about mystery shoppers and how to hold a patient focus group. 8:14

Tags: Ski Haus, mystery shopper, patient focus groups, facilitator, reveal a flaw, open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, fees, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 13

Abstract: As a professional caregiver you probably weren’t taught the distinction between caring for patients and loving patients. Yet, without clarity surrounding this issue, it’s tempting to make the doctor/patient relationship about you instead of patients. This significantly reduces your new patient attractability. Caring is finite. Loving is infinite. 7:53

Tags: caring, attachment, loving, fences, boundaries, overdraft, free will, dentist, flossing, quid pro quo, Atkins Center, Eric, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 12

Abstract: The deepest, most lasting and influential relationships progress through four different levels. Here's a brief overview of these four stages and how they may manifest in a chiropractic setting. By better understanding these distinctions, you’ll have the foundation for being able to identify how to set the appropriate boundary between caring, and caring too much. 7:18

Tags: patient education vs. patient teaching, four relationships, patient boundaries, patients feeling emotionally safe, chiropractic products


New Patient Mojo Episode 11

Abstract: New patients is as much or more about “the who, not the do.” This is the seventh way of being that enhances your new patient attractability. Are you healthy? Physically? Mentally? Socially? If you’ve already discovered the limitations of doctor’s orders or missed the distinction between being friends and being friendly, you’ll find these suggestions helpful. 7:40

Tags: new patients, optimum health, Law of the Lid, John Maxwell, professional boundaries, detachment, chiropractic medicine, caring too much, burnout, chiropractic supplies


New Patient Mojo Episode 10

Abstract: This sixth way of being attractive to patients deals with being optimistic. Your optimism conveys hope, an essential ingredient of the healing process. In this Mojo Podcast, Bill explores the seven reasons why you should be optimistic about the future—regardless of what it is! 5:47

Tags: optimistic, baby boomers, organic food, drug recalls, media, health care reform, stress, supplies for chiropractors


New Patient Mojo Episode 9

Abstract: A further exploration of the reality that new patient attractability is a reflection of who you are being. How many times each day do you say “Thank you!” to others (or to yourself) for the way things are? Until you fully accept your practice as it is—good and not so good, and express your appreciation for all your blessings, you’re unlikely to be the recipient of further blessings in the form of more new patients! 5:48

Tags: new patient crack, gratitude, ice cream, no shows, pity party, licensure, jail, appreciation, new patient repellant, chiropractic products, DVD, t-shirt


New Patient Mojo Episode 8

Abstract: Chiropractors who show up curious have the added benefit of being able to better help patients and avoid the practice-debuilding characteristics of the opposite of curiosity! Careful that you don’t turn curiosity into a “technique.” Discover why patient relationships (and referrals) are more likely to flourish in an environment of curiosity. 5:20

Tags: chiropractic patient education, curiosity, patient beliefs, patient behaviors, continuum, judgment, Yogi Berra-ism, internal chiropractic marketing.


New Patient Mojo Episode 7

Abstract: The number of new patients you get are linked to how attractive you are to current and prospective patients. Some in chiropractic believe that the key to being attractive is to ruffle as few feathers as possible and not rock the boat. This is incorrect. Discover the power of the Law of Repulsion and how to use it to plant your flag and attract your tribe of new patients. 5:18

Keywords: Law of Attraction, New patients, Law of Repulsion, lukewarm, beige, chameleon-like, polar, magnet, planting your flag, salty, spicy, marketing chiropractic


New Patient Mojo Episode 6

Abstract: It’s something that new patients crave almost as much as relief: a chiropractor with high levels of certainty. But here’s the rub: being certain is a symptom. If you want to show up more certain, be sure that you don’t confuse cause with effect. In this podcast, learn the most common way certainty is sabotaged and the seven ways of being the will create an immediate uplift in your confidence and certainty. 7:01

Tags: New patients, certain, certainty, confidence, doctor’s orders, imposter, chameleon, doubt, professional boundaries, chiropractic marketing.


New Patient Mojo Episode 5

Abstract: One of the most important qualities of new patient attractability is being present in your dealings with patients. If you experience frequent moments of fear or regret, you’re not being present. Discover some of the “shiny objects” that cause many chiropractors to surrender their presence and lose their new patient appeal. 5:22

Tags: New patients, being present, future, past, shiny objects, sacred time, chiropractor marketing


New Patient Mojo Episode 4

Abstract: When new patients are scarce, it’s tempting to look for something to do to make them appear. Screenings. Lectures. Mailings. But this busy work will have only a fraction of its pulling power if you overlook the “being” that comes before the “doing.” Discover how many chiropractors blunt their new patient attractability by assuming unhelpful personas. 5:27

Tags: New patients, have do be, be do have, persona, fixer, coach, educator, doctor, authenticity, chiropractic marketing, marketing ideas


New Patient Mojo Podcast 3

Abstract: Our language and choice of words profoundly affects our experience. How you define the services you offer and the words you call your customers (patients) affect your attractability and whether you have a series of short-term relationships or “collect” a tribe of once-a-monthers. 5:29

Tags: language, patients, clients, practice members, suffering, sick care, life care, chiropractic marketing, marketing ideas


New Patient Mojo Episode 2

Abstract: One of the most common ways chiropractors sabotage their new patient attractability is to talk themselves about new patients in unhelpful ways. Discover what this negative self-talk is, and replace it with something more resourceful. 3:27

Tags: self-talk, internal dialogue, new patients, chiropractor marketing


New Patient Mojo Episode 1

Abstract: Why do you want more new patients? It seems like a crazy question, but it may be one of the most important you can ask yourself. Your motive and intent can often reveal one of the most common blockages to getting new patients. 3:38

Tags: intent, intention, heart, motive, spirtually, physically, reasons, harvesting new patients, chiropractic marketing

New Patient Mojo Podcasts

Getting new patients seems to be one of the more popular topics within chiropractic. However, by the looks of the trophy case of inactive patient files in most chiropractors’ practices, it’s rarely a new patient getting problem—it’s a new patient keeping problem!

No matter.

Are you a chiropractor who wanted a practice—and ended up with a small business? With the same challenge other small businesses face: new customer acquisition? Then, you’re in the right place! Each installment of the New Patient Mojo Podcast will supply you with the headspace and action steps you’ll need to solve your new patient problem permanently.

Listen. And share your comments.

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