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Chiropractic supplies and patient education products from Patient Media simplify new patient orientation. Our videos and DVDs, along with our brochures and pamphlets, supply the essential explanations of chiropractic principles that every new patient should know. Created by William Esteb, equip your practice with these chiropractic supplies and give your report of findings greater impact. These are chiropractic supplies created by patients for patients. Read our chiropractic practice blog.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Disciplined

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who are self-disciplined.

When you lack discipline, it's easy to become distracted by shiny objects and countless opportunities. When you lack discipline, you become famous for your disheveled desk and embarrassing closet. When you lack discipline, you tend to be a good starter but a poor finisher.

Some chiropractors attempt to buy discipline by signing with a management company. Paying someone to nag you can be an expensive fix. A far more affordable solution is pairing up with an accountability partner for a monthly breakfast.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Visionary

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who attract a great team.

Many chiropractors complain that they can't find quality individuals to contribute at their front desk. This observation is especially odd when many jurisdictions are experiencing high levels of unemployment. Perhaps part of the issue is the vision being cast about the opportunity you're offering.

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The A-B-Cs of a Larger Practice

circles.jpgThe practice of chiropractic is the resulting intersection of three elements: chiropractic principles, the chiropractor and the patient who receives care. The fact that there are so many different sizes and types of chiropractic practices, producing varying amounts of success and influence suggest, that how these three dynamics interact can have profound effects.

If your practice isn't what you'd like it to be, the insights that follow will help you identify the most likely underlying cause and if so motivated, inspire you to take action and turn things around.

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One Shot to Explain Chiropractic

bullet.jpgApparently there's this notion floating around the profession that "you-better-get-your-explanation-of-chiropractic-right-because-you-only-have-one-opportunity-to explain-it-to-patients." Fascinating idea. Other than not being true, it places a great deal of stress on chiropractors who attempt to explain the physiology and neurology of chiropractic within the first two visits.

And while it's true that your power and influence diminishes with each adjustment as patients get closer to the pain relief they want from consulting you, this notion of only having one-chance is absurd. Unless you have a habit of playing finite games.

Not that providing patient care is a "game," but there is two types of interactions between people—finite games and those that are infinite games. Finite games have a winner/loser, or in this case doctor/patient. Infinite games have a player/player, or in the case of your practice, facilitator/participant. The goal of finite games is to subdue the other player. The goal of infinite games is to keep the game going.

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