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Chiropractic supplies and patient education products from Patient Media simplify new patient orientation. Our videos and DVDs, along with our brochures and pamphlets, supply the essential explanations of chiropractic principles that every new patient should know. Created by William Esteb, equip your practice with these chiropractic supplies and give your report of findings greater impact. These are chiropractic supplies created by patients for patients. Read our chiropractic practice blog.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Undeterred By Fear

How well do you tolerate fear? Being undeterred by fear is a characteristic of high-performing chiropractors.

Fear prompts many to avoid the truth. We talk too much, preventing others from expressing a contrarian view. We neglect to ask questions for fear that what we learn will shake our confidence or catch us unprepared. We refuse to take post X-rays for fear that chiropractic is merely a philosophy that doesn't produce real change. We claim we're too busy to call a new patient after the first visit for fear that we won't like what they have to say. We tolerate incompetency among team members, fearful that someone new will be worse. We fail to discuss the dismissal process in advance, fearing it will jinx patient follow through.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Personal Growth

I recently reread As a Man Thinketh and noticed I had highlighted a sentence during a previous reading:

"Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound."

This is part of the human inclination to look "out there" for the solution to our particular challenge. However, practices don't grow, numbers don't increase and satisfaction won't intensify until the practitioner grows. Yet, many no longer read books. They resist learning how to use their computer. They fear the challenges of mastering public speaking. They protect themselves in a cocoon, shielding themselves from the unknown. They oppose change, anything new or something that might upset the status quo. Yet, they insist they want their practice to grow.

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Higher. Smaller. And Now With Fire

Jump!Ever been hit from behind by a driver not paying attention? Have you been mugged at gunpoint? Struck by a meteor that made it through the atmosphere? Had your credit card number compromised?

If so, you were clearly a victim. However, if your practice is slowly devolving then you're not a victim. You may choose to feel like one, but you're not. The sooner you jettison the helplessness and the "it's-not-my-fault" attitude, the sooner your practice can assume a more even keel.

If you're still relying on the classic "build it and they will come" strategy of the past when deductibles were far more modest, you may have discovered that it's not business as usual. Disorienting? Yes. Frustrating? Sure. And while you can do little to change the uncertainty surrounding insurance, there's plenty you can do to get your bearings and lean into a brighter future.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Are You a Talker?

Do you talk too much?

The easiest way to reduce your impact and diminish your influence is to talk too much. That may not be your intent, but it's often the result. Talkers imagine they're educating, explaining and annotating what's going on. They chatter on and on about this and that; filling the air with their words.

In the process of verbalizing their internal dialogue, they produce two very unhelpful effects. First, they reveal far too much about themselves, including their fears and insecurities. Second, when they dominate the airways with their own voice they often prevent patients from asking questions, sharing their hopes or expressing their concerns.

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What I'm Reading | Think Like a Freak

think_freak.jpgIn another time, a book like this would be called Thinking Outside the Box. But on the heels of their successful franchise that began with Freakonomics, authors Levitt and Dubner have opted to call it Think Like a Freak. Among their tips? Learn to say, "I don't know," think like a child, know when to quit and my favorite, learn how to persuade people who don't want to be persuaded. Full of surprising facts and details. Reminds me of the 150-year old quote by American humorists Josh Billings who observed, "The trouble with the world ain't ignorance, it's just that people know so much that isn't so."

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