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Chiropractic supplies and patient education products from Patient Media simplify new patient orientation. Our videos and DVDs, along with our brochures and pamphlets, supply the essential explanations of chiropractic principles that every new patient should know. Created by William Esteb, equip your practice with these chiropractic supplies and give your report of findings greater impact. These are chiropractic supplies created by patients for patients. Read our chiropractic practice blog.

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Monday Morning Motivation | B. J. Palmer is In Town

Heads up! Dr. B. J. Palmer is in town and has made an appointment.

You'll probably want to spiff things up a bit. You and your team will organize the reception room, straighten the magazines and even pick up the cigarette butts in the parking lot. If you have time, you might get out some paint and do a little touch up work. At the very minimum you'll make sure the carpet is vacuumed, your bathroom sparkles and your adjusting tables are immaculate.

You might even give some thought to your adjusting room conversation. The weather and last night's sports scores? Or something more significant? You might even practice your toggle.

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Do You See Medicare Patients?

Patient newsletter patients actually read!As you know, Medicare handles chiropractic differently than traditional medical treatment. But your senior patients don't know that. Which means you have a significant communication challenge when Medicare patients show up in your practice and need your help.

What Patients Want to Know About Medicare helps older patients understand how chiropractic care coverage differs from medical coverage; the concept of medical necessity and what constitutes maintenance care.

This essential brochure explains everything in simple language, coordinating with your other Patient Media brochures.

Read the brochure and implement it immediately. Send seniors home with something they can study. Reduce misunderstandings. Become compliant by educating once-a-monthers that their care, while beneficial, may not qualify for Medicare reimbursement.

Available in Par and Non-Par versions.


Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Generosity

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who are generous.

We're surrounded by abundance. The busiest chiropractors know there is no shortage of new patients, money or ideas. Less successful chiropractors believe in a zero sum world in which their success can only occur at the expense of others. So they don't share. When new chiropractors drop in to introduce themselves, they give them the cold shoulder accompanied by a good helping of discouragement.

Of course it doesn't work. It merely reveals their own fear, doubt and unfamiliarity with the truth.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Disciplined

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who are self-disciplined.

When you lack discipline, it's easy to become distracted by shiny objects and countless opportunities. When you lack discipline, you become famous for your disheveled desk and embarrassing closet. When you lack discipline, you tend to be a good starter but a poor finisher.

Some chiropractors attempt to buy discipline by signing with a management company. Paying someone to nag you can be an expensive fix. A far more affordable solution is pairing up with an accountability partner for a monthly breakfast.

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