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Monday Morning Motivation | Service As Art

Most of us who give (or receive) service forget that producing extraordinary-incredible-beyond-the-call-of-duty service is entirely discretionary. It's a choice.

Some service providers think, "I'm not going to knock myself out unless I get some acknowledgment or appreciation." In other words, providing service based on the attitude, enlightenment or social skills of the recipient. This shortsighted strategy surrenders our power to those we serve, allowing them to control how much we choose to invest.

The higher road acknowledges that serving others is the highest calling of all. That providing extraordinary service and exceeding expectations is the "art" that you do to affirm yourself, making our service a spiritual experience rather than just a mechanical one. Some will notice. Many will not.

But you will.

How you spend your discretionary energy is as important as how you spend your discretionary income. Use yours to act in ways that are high and noble.

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