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Monday Morning Motivation | You Never Forget Your First

You never forget your first.

Your first kiss. Your first car. Your first adjustment. And all the other firsts. Firsts happen when you are either forced, or better, choose to take the risk of doing something poorly, making a mistake or temporarily looking foolish.

This is a self-limiting belief that constrains far too many of us from experiencing the full bandwidth of being human. We find ourselves in a rut, and firsts become increasingly rare. Life is reduced to a burdensome routine and this grand adventure becomes something to merely endure or get through.

Experience some firsts this week! Try some sushi. Attend a Toastmasters group. Go to the opera. Volunteer at the soup kitchen. Introduce yourself to a stranger. Attend a different church service. You get the idea. Put yourself into as many new situations as possible.

As you grow, your practice will grow. It doesn't happen any other way.

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