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Monday Morning Motivation | TNT

Most practices could use some TNT. As in Today, Not Tomorrow.

Ask chiropractors what they could do, should do or used to do that would most certainly grow their practice and they can list a dozen or more action steps. So, it's not a lack of knowing that constrains struggling practitioners, it's a lack of implementation.

Because it's outside their comfort zone. Or it's too much work. Or it's too emotionally risky (what would others say?). Or it won't produce results quickly enough. Or doing such and such is beneath me. Or "real" doctors don't have to do that, why should I? Or the area I practice in would never get it. Or you name it. There's always a reason why this or that won't work or some action step isn't perfect enough to implement.

What busy practitioners know is that it's action, not intention, that's the key to success.

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