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Monday Morning Motivation | Outshine by Outsmarting

Chiropractors who enjoy great success do what other chiropractors won't. One way they outshine is they: outsmart the competition.

Many chiropractors have been misled into thinking that their competition is the chiropractor down the street. Or the MD. Or drug manufacturer. Or even the shortsighted mentality of insurance carriers. If you're seduced by these minor players you're likely to overlook a far greater adversary: the health beliefs of the typical patient.

Turns out that if you're interested in creating a long term relationship with individuals and families who value their health enough to willingly pay for it out of their own pocket, you're actually in the belief changing business. Not the spine straightening business. Not the cervical curve restoration business. Not even the pain relief business.

Don't show up at a gunfight with a knife! Know who your actual enemy is or you're likely to use the wrong weapon or tactic.

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