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Monday Morning Motivation | Slave or Servant?

Do you see yourself as a slave or a servant?

The difference is profound and your choice makes practice a heavy burden or a glorious opportunity. Which is it?

If you choose to be a slave, then you feel impeded by your obligation to document your care, your imposed duty to get patients feeling better as soon as possible and the responsibility of doing all the heavy lifting.

If you choose to be a servant, you're thrilled by the opportunity to help others, you're humbled by the prospect of advancing the truth about the nature of real health and you're moved by the trust others place in you.

Slave or servant? One makes you bitter, angry and resentful. The other forgiving, loving and compassionate. Remember, it's a choice. You get to choose. And you can change whenever you wish. While you may not know which you've chosen, everyone else does.

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