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Monday Morning Motivation

Action trumps intent.

While intention differentiates a chiropractic adjustment from a spinal manipulation, intention will only get you so far.

These days, ideas are a dime a dozen. It's acting on them and turning them into reality that wins the prize. The execution of a plan, not the plan, holds the real value. Banish the "Some day I'm going to _______." Because if you're not prepared to follow through with immediate action, no need to even reveal your intent. In fact, you're better off not saying a word, unless you're merely looking for naysayers to talk you out of it or praise for your daring idea.

The real genius is taking action and finishing. Anything else is just boasting. Thankfully, progress doesn't require brains or brawn or breeding. It requires something far more scarce: putting consistent action behind clear intention, taking setbacks in stride and pushing to the finish line.

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