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Do You Have One?

Plan BAt first glance it seems wise to have a back up plan if this chiropractic thing goes south. In fact, the confluence of deteriorating third party reimbursement, the "slipping and checking" of the economy, the election, the hurricane and all the rest, have prompted some chiropractors to entertain thoughts of other things they could do other than practice chiropractic.


Granted, if you became a chiropractor for the title or the promise of easy money or some other self-serving reason, circumstances may be conspiring to produce a career change. Perfectly understandable. Because if practicing chiropractic isn't your calling, you may find the road ahead to be more than you bargained for.

Trouble is, if you've been working on a Plan B, you've already left!

Yes, creating a Plan B is a vote against yourself. Hedging your bet is a grownup version of withholding. It's a sister to pouting. Or giving someone the "silent treatment." It produces just enough self-sabotage to bring about the very need for the fallback position you're contemplating. Having a Plan B can produce just enough hesitation, just enough indecision to produce an aerodynamic drag on your practice so you'll actually need it!

The Road Ahead

We're entering foreign territory. No one knows for sure how things will work out. However, one thing seems certain. You'd be unwise to pin your hopes on getting any table scraps from Obamacare.

These days, few chiropractors are still around from the days before so-called "insurance equality." The result is that many chiropractors are uncertain they actually deliver something valuable enough that would prompt patients to self-pay for. Doubts here spawn all kinds of unhelpful indecisions.

Tagged with the public perception as limited scope back pain doctors, just the communication burden and implementation of affordable financial policies are going to require high levels of adaptation.

The profession won't go away. But it's going to look different than it did 10 years ago. Some practitioners are going to find it requires far greater levels of creativity and innovation than ever before. Which will require you to…

Fully Commit

Jump in with both feet. Don't hold anything back. Completely surrender to mastering the headspace and marketing strategies necessary to remain relevant and patient-centered. Get out of your practice and encounter more strangers to whom you can tell the chiropractic story. I guarantee that there are enough people in your community who want what you have and for whom money is not the limitation. But they don't know who you are.

You must get out of your comfort zone. You have exhausted all the "safe" ways of getting noticed and growing your practice. The proven ideas that remain unimplemented require some risk taking. Mostly emotional risk. They will make you feel uncomfortable.

Your practice can resume growing only when you resume growing. Something that probably seems unappealing while romancing the promise of a Plan B. Or your eye on coasting to the finish line by cashing out and retiring.

A Personal Plea

You are amongst a small and exclusive group that is privileged to know the truth about the nature of health and healing. More profoundly, you have the knowledge and skills to invoke or revive it in others. You don't need electricity. You don't need double-blind studies. And you don't need any hard-to-get or expensive equipment.

Withdrawing your talent, simply because continuing will mean you'll have to change or adapt or because a cultural shift has made it more difficult to practice, is, well, cowardly.

Decide. It comes from the root meaning to "cut off from." (We get the word homicide and suicide from the same root.) Either act on Plan B or rebuke its hold on you, abandon it and fully embrace Plan A.

To paraphrase, "a practice divided cannot stand."


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