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Risky Business

What business are you in?Stop trying to change the patients.

Now, before you get out the tar and feathers, hear me out.

This "outside-in" approach you've been using, namely salesy reports of findings, yakking in front of the X-ray view box and the table talk, just isn't working. And it rarely does. Not only is it ineffective, it's annoying and off-putting. Probably counter productive. It assumes patients are rationale, 100% present beings who are actually interested in better health and the distinctions offered by chiropractic.

Few are. In fact, those who are, became chiropractors. Who set out to change the world.

But it's not working.

Here's how it could.

It's not working because first and foremost chiropractic is an idea. While chiropractic is delivered as spinal adjustments, it's actually an idea. A big idea. Not the biggest idea, but right up there.

Neglect this, rushing in to adjust a patient, hoping that the results produced by the adjustment will produce a change of consciousness and an acceptance of the big idea of chiropractic, and you will be sorely disappointed.

That's the implication behind the popular chiropractic adage, "Get the big idea and all else follows."

In actual practice, far too many chiropractors have reversed it. As in, "Get the adjustment and the big idea will follow."

It rarely works that way. If it did, we'd have ten times the number of chiropractic colleges and the US wouldn't be lagging behind other developed nations in the key metrics of health and longevity.

What many chiropractors either overlook, ignore or are unwilling to accept is that they are actually in the belief-changing business. Fail at this and you will have a pain relief practice dependent upon insurance policy wielding patients who must be constantly replaced with others as their symptoms improve. Granted, you can help a lot of people (who will adore you) when you offer this all-natural form of pain relief. But by practicing chiropractic medicine you'll never enjoy the benefits and significance of having a self-sustaining chiropractic practice.

No, it appears that most chiropractors are in the adjustment delivery business. This looks past the drug-soaked media patients watch every day. This ignores their morbid fear of germs that trumps this new "subluxation" thing you've introduced. This disregards their tendency to judge their health by how they feel. This neglects the low priority that most patients place on their health. And it places far too much emphasis on the adjustment and the speed with which it will address their symptoms—for which you have zero control.

Risky business this adjustment delivery business.

In the next installment I'll share some ideas about how to have a belief-changing practice!

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Brooke Coates:

First off, thank you for all your posts. They are most helpful. This hit the nail on the head for me. It is super easy to deliver an adjustment. It is the changing of beliefs that is challenging, and we have to be grounded in them ourselves - and strong before we go changing other's beliefs. But I've seen chiropractors do it. I'm just not sure how. Looking forward to your next installment!

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