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Monday Morning Motivation

What's on your list?

My town is too medical. The insurance companies won't pay me. My front desk staff doesn't support me. I don't have a good location. I'm not comfortable doing that. I'm too tired. My patients don't value their health. There's too much competition. My wrists are killing me. The weather's been crazy. It's too expensive. Too risky. It won't work. I've tried that.

You could just as well have a different list:

I never thought of that. That sounds interesting. That's worth trying. I need to rethink that. What new challenge can I take on today? I'm going to reinvent my process. What outcome do I want? Who is already doing what I want to do? What else haven't I considered? How else could I do that? What assumptions do I need to abandon? How can I ask better questions?

Which list do you consult more regularly?

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