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Monday Morning Motivation

Another end. Another beginning. Will next year be different?

You're unlikely to change the world. There are far too many levers and knobs. However, when you change yourself, you'll notice the world immediately changes. It's a fascinating paradox.

How do you change yourself? It's not like many of the self-help books say. The self-effort component (create a new habit in just 21 days!) fails more often than it works. Affirmations? Self-delusion.

No, if you want to make significant, long-lasting change you'll want to move far beyond the physical, intellectual and emotional into the spiritual realm. (Not religious - spiritual.) Because EVERYTHING shows up spiritually before manifesting physically. Whether it's a new patient, your life partner or the common cold.

The blockage to change isn't your location, the economy or time of year. It's the spiritual dimension. Your heart. Your intent. Your purpose. It's always the who, not the do.

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