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Monday Morning Motivation

You can't have both: either fit in or stand out.

If you choose to fit in, you'll be inclined to second-guess your intuition, hold a wet finger to the wind to determine its direction and constantly look over your shoulder. Others will define you and your practice. You'll receive acceptance as you toe the line of political correctness. Your fleeting joy will come from the approval of others.

If you choose to stand out, you'll find yourself in the rarefied air of the unknown. Without a well-worn path and herd to guide you, you'll encounter dead ends, setbacks and experience profound learning's. Expect judgment, raised eyebrows and disapproval from those threatened by your vision and courage. Your reward will be making the world a better place.

The former seems safe, but leads to mediocrity. The latter seems risky, but is the only place you'll find freedom and genius.

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