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Monday Morning Motivation

We learn something new by relating it to something we already know. Subtraction is learned after addition. Division after multiplication. And because of most people's experience, chiropractic after medicine.

The key is to explain chiropractic and how it is different from medicine without losing your credibility by being anti-medicine. Both disciplines have their purpose. One is not superior to the other. Some distinctions you might make to help patients understand include:

Medicine is interested in the problem with the person. Chiropractic is interested in the person with the problem. Medicine focuses on the circulatory system. Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system. Medicine kills germs. Chiropractic strengthens immunity. Medicine attempts to suppress symptoms. Chiropractic attempts to enhance adaptability. Medicine makes the doctor or drugs the hero. Chiropractic makes the individual's capacity to self heal the hero.

Be proud of the differences. It's why patients seek out and appreciate chiropractic care. Afterwards.

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Monday Morning Motivation

You can't have both: either fit in or stand out.

If you choose to fit in, you'll be inclined to second-guess your intuition, hold a wet finger to the wind to determine its direction and constantly look over your shoulder. Others will define you and your practice. You'll receive acceptance as you toe the line of political correctness. Your fleeting joy will come from the approval of others.

If you choose to stand out, you'll find yourself in the rarefied air of the unknown. Without a well-worn path and herd to guide you, you'll encounter dead ends, setbacks and experience profound learning's. Expect judgment, raised eyebrows and disapproval from those threatened by your vision and courage. Your reward will be making the world a better place.

The former seems safe, but leads to mediocrity. The latter seems risky, but is the only place you'll find freedom and genius.

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Changing Patients

Can you change patients?I was recently admonished by a chiropractor who took offense to my criticizing of chiropractors in my Monday Morning Motivations. Instead of urging chiropractors to change " about helping patients to better understand their chiropractor?"

Gosh, I thought I'd been doing that for the last three decades through chiropractic videos, posters, brochures and report of findings supplies used for chiropractic education. At least that’s been my motive.

Apparently, this chiropractor believes that practice success is about changing patients.

I've been operating under the opposite assumption. I've always thought that since changing patients is so difficult and unlikely, practice success might be better achieved by changing chiropractors!

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Monday Morning Motivation

It's tempting to focus attention on patients who miss or who don't take their care seriously. More promising is to celebrate the kinds of behaviors you'd like to see. With permission from participating patients and where legal...

Wall of Fame Bulletin Board - Post pictures of children and families on your bulletin board. Send a signal to the rest of your practice that this is commonplace and a highly-regarded behavior.

Visit Milestones - Similarly, post pictures of patients who celebrate their 100, 200 or 1000th adjustment in your practice. Send the message that you have practice members who have adopted chiropractic as a lifestyle.

Collect Testimonials - Gather patient testimonials. (Video testimonials for your website are ideal.) Acknowledge current patients, inspire new ones and create an opportunity for a delighted patient to "rehearse" their ability to tell others.

In other words, reinforce the behaviors you want to see more of.

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The Folly of Goal Setting

Do you set numerical goals?I question the conventional wisdom about the value of goal setting and aiming for some arbitrary numerical achievement, whether weekly visits, collections, new patients or some other quantitative statistic.

I think it's unhelpful. Even damaging.

Having a numerical goal reduces patients to converts, conquests or mere spines. Besides dehumanizing them, it's among the most superficial ways of measuring one's success. And even less effective at measuring the quality and depth of your patient relationships.

Yet, many chiropractors still play this goal-setting game, putting their sights on some number that is somehow supposed to prompt higher levels of production. Once practice degenerates to this level, you've lost your way. Because numbers say very little about you, your practice or your significance. It merely measures your physical output while virtually ignoring the spiritual impact of your practice.

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Monday Morning Motivation

What do you want? How would you like things to be? Simple questions, but the answers often elude many of us because we don't ask them.

We're quick to identify what we don't want! The list can be quickly produced. But ask just about anyone what they do want, and they're lost. This is significant for two reasons:

1. The opposite of what you don't want isn't necessarily what you do want.

2. Your brain and Providence can't conspire to manifest what you don't want.

This is like imagining that being against drugs (Just Say No), terrorism (War on Terror) or being anti- anything has any hope of success. You can't win by being against something. In fact, all you do is give it more substance!

This week resolve to list at least one thing you wish to manifest in each area: physical, financial, family, social, career, mental and spiritual.

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Dear Bill

Q: I give lectures in my office and when I can, to community groups and other organizations. However, I struggle with some type of call to action at the end of my talks. Do you have any suggestions for making a compelling one?

A: Whether a call to action is compelling to anyone is up to them, not you. But providing some direction at the end of a lecture, a consultation or report of findings is an essential part of showing up as a leader. As long as there are choices and you honor the free will choice of each individual, you're golden.

Seems to me you'd want to offer a range of choices with varying levels of commitment. Here are some ideas to get you going.

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Monday Morning Motivation

Another end. Another beginning. Will next year be different?

You're unlikely to change the world. There are far too many levers and knobs. However, when you change yourself, you'll notice the world immediately changes. It's a fascinating paradox.

How do you change yourself? It's not like many of the self-help books say. The self-effort component (create a new habit in just 21 days!) fails more often than it works. Affirmations? Self-delusion.

No, if you want to make significant, long-lasting change you'll want to move far beyond the physical, intellectual and emotional into the spiritual realm. (Not religious - spiritual.) Because EVERYTHING shows up spiritually before manifesting physically. Whether it's a new patient, your life partner or the common cold.

The blockage to change isn't your location, the economy or time of year. It's the spiritual dimension. Your heart. Your intent. Your purpose. It's always the who, not the do.

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