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Monday Morning Motivation

Used to be chiropractors were known for being the wild ones. Not so today. Far too many chiropractors toe the line and seem constrained by what others think. They go beige. Politically correct. Neutral. Head down.

There is a huge market waiting for those who have the courage to take a stand. It's waiting for you to kick up some sand. Confront the business-as-usual mindset. Tell the truth.

If you recognize that you've become domesticated, coloring inside the lines, consider this an invitation to turn some heads, raise some eyebrows and make some waves. How else will your community learn the truth about the true nature of health and healing?

Stop playing small. The only way to be attractive is to polarize, risking the possibility of repelling. Virtually leader has disciples and detractors. The only way you can attract your tribe is to have the courage to plant your flag.

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